Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is half done!

I think EBF5 is probably around half finished now!

Most of the battle system and animations are done. I’ve still got the bosses and summons to program, and a bit of debugging to do there. Equipment, skills, and most items are done.

What’s left is mostly out-of-battle stuff now: Map art, maps, NPCs, dialogue, battle backgrounds, lots of menus, translations, setting up battles and treasures, and all that. And testing and balancing, of course.

I would have liked to be at this point around 2 months ago, but I guess I’m not very far behind considering all of the stuff that’s slowed me down. I’ve been at it for 14 months, and I’d like to get it done in 24. We’ll see how that goes.

49 thoughts on “Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is half done!

  1. POppy

    Hey! i just noticed that EBF5 is 62% done :stars: ? because i’ve been wonderin’ ’bout it, if you don’t mind could you reply? :tongue: so i will able to know

  2. Gale Hertz

    Kupo, you should do something about after defeating Godcat and Devil cat in EBF4, because when you defeat them, it wont save. You should do it like EBF3 when the game is finished where you can check the boxes and play all over again in the same file. :stars: :hurray: :yay:

  3. Drake

    Hello, it’s been a while since i checked this site. “half done” also sounds great. There are a few thoughts i’d like to share.

    1. will there be more interaction with the ‘defend’ Status?
    – like a Dark Weapon which lowers overall defence but gives the ‘defend’ status when using an attacking move
    – make the ‘guardian’ skill also give ‘defend’ for 1-2 Turns
    – Accessoire or weapon which gives others ‘defend’ except for the wearer itself when using a particular command or skill

    2. A “quick draw” Skill which allows changing the weapon and use a skill in a single turn? on a fairly long cooldown. if there won’t be a free re-equip in battles such limited versions could be an idea.

    3. Ideas about bosses
    – a not-Final Boss which changes his weakness every few Turns
    – a Boss which takes control of a Player(and gives control over 1-2 of his minions as option). controlled player changes every few turns. original sprite could look like a spirit/cloud and changes appearence to the controlled player. similar to a ‘dark player’. controlled player might be replaced by a Backup character or a from control released player
    – a Boss which forces a Player to use any limitbreak and berserks him so that Saving up the limitbreak will be more difficult. counters could be Cleansing skills or berserk resistance. a by this Way used limitbreak could treat the boss as ally and Players as enemy
    – a Buff stealing boss. ‘Soul Arrow’ effect.

    4. difficulties and medals
    If higher difficulties won’t have any benefical effects it could be an idea to have at least faster unlocks for medal rewards – if there will be any

    Thoughts about probable unlocks via medals.
    – Shop offers/Price changes
    – NG+
    – Heroic difficulty(enemies strike first when entering battle, no retreat, Saving only at checkpoints)
    – Access to Bonus Areas

    5. online saving/offline playing
    might be great if both would be possible even if it means to have separate save files.

    Keep on the great work :shades:

  4. Rein

    Will MeowMeow be making a return in this game? Y’know, the cat with actual legs and a sword? :wut:

  5. Iker

    It would be awesome to have like special abilities (like Pokemon) so when u step into battle the ability activates and do a variety of cool and fun things. :love2: :stars:

    Ex: Boost the attack and special attack of the ladies ( and vice-versa) don’t know what no legs would be tho?

  6. Jari Mustonen

    I have been a fan of your games since EBF2.
    I dont care how long it takes to EBF5 to come out becose i know it is gonna be great like every other ones
    I thank you for making theses games it´s been so much fun for me :love2:

  7. Rockgantlin

    i had a idea on what the next boss that should be in this game. the boss should be like this giant bulky golem that has a mixture of fire and ice like before from the second game.

    1. Dewayne Thomas

      How about something like the megazord from power rangers. And as he takes damage the parts break off as new enemies?

      1. Gman Shadow

        By 24 you mean months! :wut: 😡
        That means we won’t play it for another 2 YEARS ! :ooo: 😥 😥

      2. Shraderc.inc

        I know, but you set yourself a deadline, that could be the beginning of the end. Depends on how intent you are on making it

  8. Bloodhound290

    Can’t wait to see your next arc in this great epic! :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  9. DeusEvangel

    It would be great to find some hidden content for each character, maybe with a cool reward. I.E. the story of Matt’s first sword, or Lance’s long lost gun.

  10. Dewayne Thomas

    Are there going to be puzzles in this one? I especially liked the ones where the blocks slid on ice.

  11. TheOne2246

    Yay, this is gonna be awesome. Have been playing since EBF 2 released on AG and have played/bought every game since. Love you and your amazing work! :yay: :love2: :shades:


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