40 thoughts on “Monsters 4

  1. Mana-Dragon

    that damn mutant slime might be a cool ennemy if he is able to split in battle. he is my number 1 :yay:
    I think the idea of the robo snake can be cool, but his design is MEH. he is the last on my list. :bleh:

  2. Gman Shadow

    Astero-golem could actualy be used as an enemy in 5 if Matt would make a space/astral zone.
    How do you think it would be?
    Also, could you make Cosmic (or was it Space?) Monolith available as a sumon in the free version?Please? 😥
    Doomsday looks way to awsome to be premium only and Matt’s design tallent has gotten better over the years so the EBF 3 design is pretty much done for.

  3. squirrellie

    evil bush sprouter burner bird head and shredding yoyo is the best :yay:

    bird head reminds me of angry birds

  4. Cyan The Epic

    I like the Clone Drone design, it could have some interesting mechanics. For example, maybe it could be like the Crystal Golem from 4, and would switch sides, thus changing resistances? Or perhaps it could be a similar idea to the Spirits from 4, but instead of reviving, you have to take out one side, which would then be replaced by the other?

  5. Thomas

    :smirk: Its a tie between Retro Virus and Mutant Slime, with haunted paper being a close second. Though fake surrender has a neat idea to it. :smirk:

  6. Leroy

    Sea jelly and Retro virus would make good mini bosses. But haunted paper would make a good boss for an abandoned school

  7. Eskil "Zacroxx" Nyberg

    The double-mushroom and mutant slime are both amazingly cute, they’re by far by favourites

  8. Galbatorex

    i’m really happy to see this is going so well, i’ve been a fan of this series for a long time, and i’m really excited to see how this on will turn out.
    If i might recommend a feature, it would be not having to manually select a save slot when you are saving mid-game, i have regretably deleted several save files this way, though i realise that’s my own fault i would really like to see the game select the ongoing save by itself. Another thing would be selecting difficulty when you start a new game, so you cant simply change it by going into the options menu, and not having to go back and forth between modes when playing multiple saves. :smirk:

  9. Linh Dinh

    Mutant slime and haunted paper. Mutant slime can belong in the slime group and might have the ability to duplicate if certain amount of turns pass or when defeated with the gimmick being status debuffers and ailments. Haunted paper might belong into the haunted mirror group as a weaker enemy similar to the idols and bushes. :smirk: :smirk:

  10. ZzXx

    I liked both the evil bush and mutant slime

    (I really liked the burner but I felt it looked too much like a ripoff of ghastly)

  11. StaticGamer

    Is that a Sea Jelly or a See Jelly… (because it has eyes)
    My favourites are Rug Hugger and Normal Cheese.

    1. shadow burst

      I also like the haunted paper, but I think it would be another joke enemy, since it’s PAPER, also gonna be weak to fire and holy, and natz will destroy it… I have a feeling it will use insta-kill moves to make up for that tho :scared:

  12. TwistedFang


  13. Phoebe Derp

    So theres a screw going into a bolt, and you named it “nutter.”
    11/10 IGN couldn’t be more clever

  14. Wisecrack34

    I Like Retro Virus (I think you should change the Mecha Fish to Mechacarp )

    You are the best game dev ever! You are the only person who has made a bullet hell game that I actually enjoy :hurray: )


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