32 thoughts on “EBF5: Mini Player Icons

  1. Jack Dague

    I’m really excited for this game. I’ve been enjoying the series since I found EBF3 a few years ago, and now I find out a sequel to the enjoyable fourth game is almost halfway done! I by no means expect it to be done withing a few months, it’s a big game and your a small team, if not even a single developer. I just want to ask one thing though: How exactly will nolegs’ character work? We’ve had a pretty clear line so far, with Matt being the offensive, Natalie being the support/magic user, Lance being the debilitator, and Anna being a more elemental physical fighter, meaning we’ve covered most things. No matter what you do though, I’m excited to be able to at last play as the sword-and-shield wielding limbless cat that I’ve grown to love.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’m not sure what NoLegs will specialize in exactly, I’ll have to balance him later.

  2. Shraderc.inc

    so has worked halted for some unknown reason

    i haven’t seen any new posts or an increase in the progress bar?

  3. E812

    Hey, Matt, there are some questions for you.
    1st. Can I be beta tester, please? It will be very exiting for me^^
    2nd. I am working about my fanfic to the EBF4(maybe, Lance won’t die at the end of EBF4, and I’ll write some more]. What about dying – Lance got a soul from our world, so now he has got a skill – world crossing) You know, Copyright and others. Do you agree?
    P.S. Sry for my bad english ; ). I am not english. I’m russian.
    P.P.S. My english friend in game could not determine my sex, so, I’m male :smirk:

  4. Shraderc.inc

    Just a question for the good sir, im thinking of blowing my money on binding of isac and i would, exept i dont know when this game will come out, so in your profesional opinion, will the game be done After 15/apr/2017 :wut:

  5. Day 1

    Awesome job, dude! I sent you a bunch of emails back when you just released epic battle fantasy 1 and it’s so nice to see you grow and become an accomplished game designer.

  6. Nikola Jarić

    Yaaaay!!! They’re really cute ^_^ Gonna take me a while to get used to them, though, as Matt and Lance look VERY weird without their hats and Natz is a bit less weirder than Matt without her ribbons. Man, NoLegs is cute! ^_^


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