EBF5: Equipment Effects

I’ve finished programming new equipment effects, here’s some of them:

• Some equips boost the effect of buff or debuff skills by 10%, and this is stackable – having a dedicated buffer might be a good strategy on higher difficulties.
• Some armor gives extra effects to the defend action.
• Some equips steal items when you attack with melee attacks.
• Some weapons now scare certain enemies. The spear with a slime impaled on it makes small slimes flee, and makes big slimes angry.
• And there’s some more that are secret for now.

20 thoughts on “EBF5: Equipment Effects

  1. unknown

    in relation to equipment, how about megaman X themed equipment? such as zero’s z saber for matt, megaman’s well known ultimate buster as lance,s gun, etc. characters from megaman X could also be npc’s.

  2. Dequoi

    These all look very interesting, and should give us more weapon variety. I’m curious about whether there’s going to be any changes to Lance’s Chainsaw Gun. Its high damage and lack of element made it a very interesting choice, but the instant death aspect felt rather unreliable due to most enemies being either too resistant to Death, or not worth the effort. Are there plans to make it more reliable in some way without it being too strong? Or am I asking too much for a gun that already massively boosts attack and randomly casts an armour-piercing attack?

  3. John

    Sorry to bother you but since you haven’t decided on a release date for the game I did my own calculations and found that the game would probably be done in
    525 days and I wanted to tell you this just in case you wanted to do something with this

    1. Terrell

      i hope not its already 41% done a year and a half would be a bit much maybe in February-may but not a year. But the we could have a delay or something

      1. PiePeter

        Then again, i’d rather wait a full year then have a rushed game or even worse: rush the creator. I hope Matt takes his time with this

  4. Phil

    Interesting, interesting…
    *gets knife out*
    I wonder who’ll get scared of this?
    Or, a better question, who won’t be?

  5. Devin de Vries

    “Some weapons now scare certain enemies. The spear with a slime impaled on it makes small slimes flee, and makes big slimes angry”

    Yes, I can reign terror on all living things now 👿

  6. ShadowsSun

    Can the Gas-mask *please* not auto-cast poison gas anymore? Because I remember how upgrading it to max in EBF3 made the hydra fight almost unwinnable, because the only way to survive was wearing it, causing the black dragon head to have max poison stacks and thus infinite regen.
    So, if “cast-X-spell” is one of the possible equipment effects, can we please have the opportunity to turn it off?

    1. Toxella

      I kind of agree with this idea. Or maybe have the ability to aim it at a certain target? Random medipacks were great, but they almost ALWAYS healed the wrong person lol.

      1. gimmethegepgun

        Meanwhile, the Space Suit had nice resists and all, but casting ScanBot was completely useless and just wasted your time since you only needed to scan any enemy once in the entire game.

    2. theyellowlynx

      The gas mask was a very fun item. yes its true it may heal some enemies but in some situations it was very useful. the hydra fight was actually very easy you just focused the right dragons. maybe you should have an option to turn it off or maybe so it doesnt hit enemies that are getting helped by it like the ones that heal by the poison


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