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BH2: Premium Plans

I’ve discussed it with Kongregate briefly and here’s the content I’m thinking of doing for the paid versions of BH2:
• The 9 or 10 extra bosses I’m working on now.
• A randomized endless survival level for each world, limited to one life, no cheats.
• 3 of the playable characters: Slime Bunny, Dry NoLegs and Phyrnna.

So that works out to an extra 20 levels added to the 50 free levels.

The Steam version will have some more improvements:
• Support for widescreen and different resolutions. I’ll put a better HUD at the sides.
• HD graphics and uncompressed audio.
• The usual Steam features: Cloud, cards, achievements, etc.

The Kongregate version will be released first, with the Steam version a bit later. I’ll be posting the game on other sites too, but the premium version will probably only be available on Kongregate.

I’m aiming to have a similar price to EBF4 on each service, but that’s not decided yet.

Oh, and people who buy the game on Kongregate before it’s released on Steam can ask me for a free Steam copy later, if they would prefer that. I’ve been doing the same thing with EBF4 for anyone who asks.

BH2: Crystal Protector Preview

Another boss done. Starting to fall behind schedule slightly. All this geometry is hurting my brain, but I gotta power through and finish the 2nd half of them now.

Also played through The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and it was amazing. I rarely go into a game without knowing anything about it, but that worked very well with this one. Lots of intense surprises, from awesome to terrifying. And the graphics are beautiful. <3

protector2 protector1

BH2: Copper God Preview

Another boss done! This guy has a thing for spear-shaped bundles of bullets, which are quite fun to graze.

A few people have pointed out that the HP bar looks crap. It just seemed like the most convenient place to put it, but I guess I’ll fix that later. I’ll also replace the graphic for the player’s hitbox with something more contrasty.