BH2: Copper God Preview

Another boss done! This guy has a thing for spear-shaped bundles of bullets, which are quite fun to graze.

A few people have pointed out that the HP bar looks crap. It just seemed like the most convenient place to put it, but I guess I’ll fix that later. I’ll also replace the graphic for the player’s hitbox with something more contrasty.


2 thoughts on “BH2: Copper God Preview

  1. SuperGun132

    Wow its beatifull and awsome :stars: :stars: but how can you play as the dead cats :wut: :wut:

  2. Kkots

    Maybe if you make the hitbox flash and change colors to all colors of rainbow constantly, it will stand out the most.
    But rainbow colors look crap in terms of design. So it’s going to be either a sacrifice for convenience, or maybe you will find some other way.. ❓


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