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BH2: Controller Support

Over the last few days I bought a pile of different controllers to test out with Bullet Heaven 2.

The results are:
Xbox 360: Driver installed automatically and everything worked.
Xbox One: Had to install the driver manually from Microsoft’s website, but then everything worked.
PS4: Driver installed automatically and everything almost worked.
PS3: Had to follow a YouTube tutorial to install a driver and Xinput emulator, but then everything worked.

So PS3 was the only one that was somewhat complicated to set up.
Also PS4 has no START button, so you can’t pause the game! I’ll have to fix that. 😛

I should also note that all of these controllers were wired in with a USB cable, except the 360 one, which is a wired controller. I think it’s possible to get the PS3 and PS4 ones working with Bluetooth, but I haven’t tried that. Apparently there’s no wireless drivers for the Xbox One yet. (Not sure about wireless 360 ones either).

Research tells me that the wired Xbox 360 controller is generally the most compatible with stuff, and is the safest one to pick.

Later on the PS4 controller stopped working everywhere except inside Chrome. No idea what that’s about, but it started after setting up the PS3 controller, so maybe there’s some conflict of drivers or something. I tried installing InputMapper, and now it works again, so I probably recommend using that.

For anyone interested in how the controller inputs are coded, I use Zeh’s Key-Action-Binder.

As a last resort, you can use something like Joy2Key to map controller buttons to keyboard keys, and that should let you use all sorts of other controllers (like PS2). But the game only supports one player on keyboard, so no multiplayer like that.

Anyway. Despite all that, playing with the mouse is still the easiest way to play.
Nothing beats the precision of a mouse. 😀


BH2: Hovercraft Preview

This guy turned out a lot better than I thought he would. I wasn’t too happy with the look of the tank, but his attack patterns turned out quite pretty, and the game definitely needed more blue.

A lot of his patterns are quite easy once you learn the “trick” to them, but they’re very punishing if you haven’t seen them before.