EBF4: Mac and Linux versions delayed/cancelled

Hay guys, got bad news for some of you.
I’m not going to be releasing Mac and Linux versions of EBF4 right away.

I don’t have the manpower to test and support 3 versions at once, and don’t have much access to Mac and Linux computers. I’m also not sure if I’d be able to integrate them with all of Steam’s features, as a few complications popped up.

If I do release Mac and Linux versions, it’ll have to be a while after the initial Windows release, and probably only if there’s a high demand for them.

Sorry. Please don’t lynch me.

31 thoughts on “EBF4: Mac and Linux versions delayed/cancelled

  1. Concerned Citizen of Narnia

    EBF4: Mac and Linux versions delayed/cancelled
    Read that

    Comments: Too long; Didn’t read
    Is it cancelled forever or will it come out sooner or later?
    Soz for being late, I just thought I could wait it out.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Cancelled forever, probably. I don’t have enough experience with Mac or Linux to do a good job on either port.

      1. Concerned Citizen of Narnia

        It’s possible with Wineskin, Like. I’m not trying to sound awesome here but. If you have EBF4 on a single application, for example; Pac-man for windows, as long as all the content is in one application. I reckon you could Wineskin it. Just, in your spare time, or if you’re bothered. Just check out Wineskin for a bit. Thanks for replying, later.

  2. Shelby

    I’m honestly not sure how to feel one way or the other. On the one hand, I own a Mac and can’t afford a PC and, because I’m a total idiot, I don’t know how to run Windows on a Mac. Then again, I’ve already invested a lot of time, money, and energy into making my Mac just the way I want it. So I’m a little peeved that this game may never even be made for Mac at all. On the other hand, I am already a Kongregate user and I can play the game there.
    Perhaps the real deal-maker for me, as far as purchasing EBF4 for my Mac, was the fact that I wouldn’t need an internet connection to play it. While my home has excellent Wi-fi, I am currently attending college and the Wi-fi here is…well, it’s not great. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t. The college isn’t the only place that I frequent that doesn’t have good internet service (my grandmother’s house has absolutely no wi-fi or internet access, for example), so the ability to play EBF4 without an internet connection was definitely a huge selling point to me.
    However…I can kind of see where Reika is coming from (though a lot of what was said was still rage-induced BS). Mac gamers are left out of new releases and new games way more often than PC gamers. When was the last time you saw a game that was a Mac exclusive? I’m minoring in Computer Science, so I know that it’s not that simple to put a game on two different platforms, but, as Matt said, he wasn’t the one who set up the Steam stuff. Thus, I think the problem should be directed at Steam, not at Matt.
    Matt, you made a great game. It’s funny and exciting and full of whimsy and awesomeness. I just wish that there was an easier way to make everyone happy about this issue. 😐

  3. Some Guy

    Wow, I’d like to appologise for any of my fellow Mac users giving u to much heat about this issue. I realized long ago that i wouldn’t be able to play every game i wanted to on my Mac. Thats why i put win7 on my mac so i could. So I’m prepared for this little hiccup. I know u are busy as hell and doing your very best considering u have never done this before. So if u can’t then you can’t, thats just the way it is. But if you can figure it out somehow, i know I and some other people would defiantly appreciate it. And if there is anything me and my mac can do to help. don’t be afraid to ask

  4. Arcterran

    Well that’s unfortunate…..understandable though (plus I’m fine with Windows) and like people said, you can still get premium on Kongregate AND basically get the same game

  5. PPDC Tech Guy

    Thank goodness I have a Windows, score 1 for me!

    Eh a little more wait isn’t too bad anways, I mean if you’ve been waiting for a while for this, you can wait a little longer, keep it up and don’t let those guys get to ya.

  6. Meesa

    Doesn’t the current Kongregate premium version contain all the new content the Steam release will?

    If that’s so, Mac users don’t need to despair here.

      1. LovinIt

        I get that the steam version will look nicer, and I understand the importance of accountability, but I am feeling a mixture of disbelief and incredulous humor at the heat of the rage posts you’ve received. People just shouldn’t even consider flaming/insulting the makers of indie games. Honestly, for a 75% free, browser-embedded game, HD graphics should not be mandatory, or even expected. This may seem silly today, but almost all of my favorite games have had comparably worse graphic/memory quality than games on the market today. Funny thing about graphics is, a game that looks 100% amazing can STILL be no fun to play, and almost every game I own for the Nintendo 64, whose best graphics looked like a modeling clay massacre, was an enjoyable experience (the exception being Lode Runner 3D…). So, I don’t really care how your game looks or where I can play it, I will buy a Steam copy on top of my internet premium just to pay you for going through the development process.
        It’s guys like you who make the gaming industry’s most unique and exceptional masterpieces. Keep doing your best, Matt.

  7. kkots

    Uhh, err.
    🙁 err
    That comment above is.. warm, in a way.
    So the complication is that you need to compile a C++ application on the operation system for which you are going to distribute? You don’t have a Mac or a Linux, therefore you can’t compile C++ for those, because you need to compile ON them? This problem may also be reinforced by the MDM Zinc license, if it states you can’t install on more than one machine.
    Aaaa I give up. So what is the complication, can you please elaborate?
    I’m just interested in the tech stuff and methods that you’re using, I’m trying to be a developer too, one day.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I didn’t write the code for the Steam integration, and I don’t know how to. The guy who gave me the code said it didn’t work on Macs. That’s the biggest issue I think.
      Also I just don’t have computers to test stuff on.

      1. kkots

        You can release Mac/Linux versions without the Steam API.
        When you manage to add Mac/Linux support for Steam API later, you can send medals unlocked in the game (stored in some medals.meow file I think) to the Steam API unlock medal method all at once.

        Linux will probably need an SWF file, I think but am not sure that it can’t have a projector file.
        Mac/Linux users will at least get something at the release, and a promise for added Steam support later (or no promise).

  8. Reika

    I have a mac, and this would not bother me if not for one tiny little detail . . . THIS FUCKING GAME WAS LISTED AS MAC COMPATIBLE ON YOUR FUCKING STEAM PAGE SINCE YOU ANNOUNCED IT. You never even hinted that it wouldn’t be available on mac, so I assumed that I wouldn’t be wasting my time to check in on your newgrounds page, your facebook page, your steam page, your twitter, and your stupid little website every day for the past 4 MONTHS. If you wanted to say “go fuck yourself” to mac users, it wouldn’t have been a problem if you hadn’t waited until days before EBF4’s release to do so, you COCK NOCKER!!! Thanks so much for wasting my time and my attention which I’ve now determined that you don’t deserve and never will deserve EVEN if you someday release this on mac. Your inability to relay vital information to your fans and followers about how you were going to fuck us up the ass is UNACCEPTABLE. I wish disease, famine, and depression upon you and your entire fucking family. Thank you for taking the time to read this heartfelt comment. Cheers and GO FUCK YOURSELF.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I didn’t have access to Steam’s API and docs during the Greenlight campaign, so I didn’t know it would involve a bunch of extra work.

      1. Reika

        Oh, well in that case we wouldn’t want you to do a “bunch of extra work”. That would be ridiculous. We wouldn’t want you to, you know, make games accessible across multiple operating systems. Because of course people who use mac or linux are not quite as important as the masses that own PC’s. They’re just the slimy minority and it’s okay to COCK TEASE them for months and then NOT DELIVER the product they were promised. We wouldn’t want someone whose JOB OCCUPATION is game development to do some extra game development so that everyone can partake in those games, not just PC owners. You must know on some level that PC, mac, AND linux owners have supported your series since EBF1 and that we, COMBINED, have been playing your games since 2008. It’s not like you’re expected not to drop kick a portion of those people now that you’re all high and mighty on steam. And, might I point out, mac and linux users are PART OF THE REASON YOU’RE EVEN ON STEAM TO BEGIN WITH. Why don’t you just post a picture of Matt and Lance ass-raping a couple of mac and linux owners on deviant art, because it would be so INCREDIBLY apropo in light of the current situation. If you’re going to deny us EBF4 on mac and linux, then at least spare us the excuses. Spare us the “Steam’s code won’t let me” crap. Admit that the only reason we’re not getting EBF4 is because YOU AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH A PROGRAMMER TO DO IT. The failure is yours and you have failed a great portion of the people who have gotten you this far. You have failed me and I hate you for it. Have a nice fucking day. I won’t.

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          You’re right. I shouldn’t have made a promise I wasn’t sure I could keep. I’m sorry.

          1. a loyal fan

            since u made a promise, y dont you try im sure ppl is fine with mac/linux being delayed. BUT they are not fine with it being cancelled

        2. Naraxis

          And who gave you a fucking license to spew your ignorance wherever your eyes happen to wander today? You literally have no idea how hard it is to be a game developer, and a solo one at that. For Matt to have made a game like this all by himself is frankly incredible, he has probably put more hours into working on this game than you have worked or will work in your entire life. I am a game developer (fledgling) myself, so I know the hardships of making a game for just one platform, let alone multiple ones. I do think that Matt shouldn’t have promised a mac version if he wasn’t sure he could deliver but he has apologized for that. Anyway, you could just go and play the kongregate.com version you know. It’s the exact same as the steam version will be minus cloud saving.

          1. A loyal fan

            The cloud saving and new graphics are important. I’m not saying he MUST but he should try. If cannot. Then no choice I still have to live right?

    2. Sir BraveHeart

      Gamer entitlement at its finest, maybe you should watch this and get some fucking perspective on life: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/jimquisition/8797-Gamer-Entitlement

      Matt doesn’t deserve your shit Reika, do you even have any idea how hard being a solo game developer is? I’m fucking astonished by what he can do all by himself and produce a game that is more enjoyable than the hundreds of people who worked on FFXIII-3.

      If you’re planning to use your PC for playing games, why the fuck own a mac; it’s designed for multimedia. WHO even owns a mac these days but ignorant tossers like you? 94% of steam users run a Windows OS, 62% of those Win 7: http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/

      Your whole comment reeks of pent up resentment for not getting your “fix” in this case a flash game that is FULLY AVAILABLE FOR FREE on Kongregate! It’s kind of sad that online flash games attract the dumbest types of kids and people on the internet, but 10 years ago this was true on newgrounds and I guess it always will be.

      I’ve been following this site for the past month or so, and have known of Matt’s work since the days of newgrounds; but other than a comment on his blog there and two on his minigame videos (self-entitled resentment for the minigames which I regret having written 2-3 years ago, but maybe it lead to their removal in the improved sequel); I have never reached out to communicate with him directly.

      If you know the story behind what the developer of Mardek went through after he created his site, and still is; then you know how easily susceptible you can make yourself to the vile disgusting human beings that exist to abuse the freedom and anonymity of the internet to spew out self-entitled unreasonable hatred towards genuinely creative and hard-working people. That are freely sharing their content, while meanwhile greedy corporations who have monopoly power screw you out of your money and enjoyment while you go beat up the little guys with you “self-entitled/righteous consumer sheep attitude.” It’s kind of the biggest first world problem in modern culture, I even see this in 40-50 year old people in real life.

      I probable would have never posted if I didn’t read this, but I have enough life perspective and experience to know that Reika is just a vocal minority, and I refuse to not speak up against such ignorant bullshit. I’m not surprised by how mean-spirited to the extreme his post was as much as I am surprised over what the “issue” it was posted over was.

      Here’s something anyone thinking of going into game development especially going indie or solo should read, I highly recommend it; http://jeff-vogel.blogspot.no/2014/02/why-indie-developers-go-insane.html

      I think you’re doing good honest work Matt, remember to protect yourself; the best way is to have real life friends or support. Listen to the people who actually know you and that you can trust. You can’t really trust anyone over the internet and shouldn’t take anything in life too seriously…other than…life itself!

      1. Matt Roszak Post author

        Don’t worry about me. Newgrounds taught me how to deal with people ages ago. 😀
        And thanks.

        1. Lynch Mob Leader

          1.) Name was sarcasm referring to your post.
          2.) Pretty irritated promised mac support but never did it.
          3.) Point 2 becomes invalid if you promise to work on Mac/Linux Support
          4.) Willing beta tester to make sure game works on Mac
          5.) Better get back to kong.


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