EBF4 Goodies

Me and HFX decided to bundle the full soundtrack with the game! Yay!
I’ll also stick in that wallpaper pack from the previous post.
You’ll find those in EBF4’s installation folder.

I still haven’t finalized pricing, because that’s the very last step in the publishing process.
I’m thinking $12, but I’m interested to hear from Valve on the topic.

Also, anyone playing the game in a widescreen resolution gets to look at Natalie’s ass for dozens of hours. You’re welcome.


29 thoughts on “EBF4 Goodies

  1. RRrakha

    Please make a cloud saving on EBF4 so we all can access our game in other laptop or computer
    I’d be so excited about thay :stars:

  2. CrazedJedi

    I would recommend you keep the price to $10 or less. Steam is a very competitive environment for indie games, all the triple A titles going on sale constantly doesn’t help. Considering a version of your game is already F2P, it will be hard to entice gamers to shell out the same amount of money for the premium version of your game as they would pay for any big-name game during a seasonal sale.

    Of course, I have no idea of your financial situation or your future plans, but since your are self publishing and don’t have investors breathing down your neck, I would use this Steam release to gain fans and notoriety with a low cost premium version of an already excellent free game.

    1. sabrehawk90

      I would love it to be $10. That’s a great deal. The problem is, the steam version is probably more valuable than the premium you get on Kongregate, which is also $10, what with all the cloud saving, medals, etc., and Lowering the premium version on Kong might be a problem due to people paying more for the same thing before the price reduction. 😐

      Economy wise, I totally agree with the game being priced at $12, but dang steam can’t do precise money deposits.
      That’s a real drawback unless you’re the kind of person who buys games like these all the time and always have extra in your account. :bleh:

  3. HamsterMissile

    When I heard about the re-release I instantly started all of the games over.
    I am now on EBF 3. :love2:

    1. kkots

      When I saw EBF3 on front page of Newgrounds a few years ago, I tried to play it, didn’t understand what was going on in the game or how to play (let’s say, I’ve just never played a game featuring controls or gameplay like that, back then), also was very much discontent with the art style (I didn’t like the bright highlights, high contrast & overall cartoony look, I more liked realistic graphics), and so I ignored it.

      When I saw EBF4 on the front page of Newgrounds, my tastes have already metamorphosed by that time, and I thought: “Jesus, I think I’ve missed some awesome series of games”. And I was reluctant to play EBF4. Instead, I started playing EBF from the first installment. First I beat EBF, then EBF2, then EBF3, then I played and beat EBF4. At that time I was pretty much 100% obsessed by Matt’s work. I also realized, for the first time, that it is possible to draw well in Flash, and I got serious about studying drawing. But that was later, after EBF4 I beat Bullet Heaven and Adventure Story, then Brawl Royale, then studied the art in Mecha Dress Up and watched all the movies, from the oldest to the newest.

      I just see Matt as alive proof of how it’s possible to go from Flash animations on Newgrounds to a full-blown RPG game on Steam. (Even though I still can’t understand how he accomplished all that he has done, it’s impossible.)

      Morale: Start from EBF 1, not EBF3, to see with your own eyes how Matt was growing in skill.

  4. Nimski

    Here is your screen shot on my 1440P monitor, any chance of upping the resolution?

    Obviously with that type of resolution most people have the power to run games at the native res with these types of monitors. I’m worried I’ll have to play window mode because the picture might be too ‘fuzzy’ full screen.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      There’s no way the game will run at 1440p. It’s still made in Flash after all, and doesn’t have hardware acceleration.
      It will stretch to fill the screen though.

  5. HamsterMissile

    Will there be multi-player, like create a character Just for online with friends or random people?
    I think it would be great. Like as a DLC or an other game.

  6. sabrehawk90

    $12 sounds reasonable. There’s a minor problem with how steam only allows certain money deposits and you can’t get exactly 12 bucks into your account. You’ll always have some leftover money with that. Then again, you could just buy a couple TF2 items or something with the extra.

    I was thinking maybe stick with $10. That’s the pricing of the premium pack on kongregate. Steam version might be a little more valuable though.

    1. pwnivia

      Bump the price to $15 and give the extra to HFX? I mean, you are including the full soundtrack and she certainly deserves it.

  7. Roxeon

    It took me about a minute to realize what you were talking about, haha.

    Oh, kinda late bug report but better late than never, I guess. Dark Lance’s Plasmaburst BUFFS your team’s evade instead of debuffing it.

  8. SpectralSpider

    I honestly have $20 just waiting in steam for this game and this game alone. So long as it doesn’t cost more than that, I’m really just interested in it coming out sooner.

    Not to rush you, but do you know when it will be out… or if I could just buy it now for all of my (steam) money?
    (Probably not.)

  9. kkots

    It is too low contrast, in comparison to the high-contrast battle screen, therefore all eyes will be attracted mostly to the battle screen.

    1. wubbles417

      Well, that’s going to be quite distracting.

      I can predict my battle effectiveness shall drop rapidly when playing in widescreen, but that won’t stop me from doing so :love:

      So hyped.

      Just wondering, will there be an unlockable art gallery like in EBF3?


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