EBF4 Expansion Almost Here

The EBF4 update should be on Kongregate in a day or two, and on Steam within a month if nothing goes seriously wrong!

As I mentioned earlier, your old saved games should be 99% compatible.
The Steam version will also be compatible with saves from the web version.
(the auto-save feature will still use the old way of saving, so you can overwrite that file)


Omg, it’s a standalone application!

12 thoughts on “EBF4 Expansion Almost Here

  1. kkots

    This looks like the .exe file that I’d wrap in a Steam API in some yet unknown to me way, if I was a Steam technical support technician and not Matt?? (high-pitched voice)

    1. metallica_dillon

      It going to Kongregate is mostly for testing purposes. Once all of the testing is done and he knows that everything works it will be put on Steam.


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