3 thoughts on “Fanart: Natalie and Anna

  1. Kkots

    Rest in piece, deactivated DeviantArt account 🙁
    Looking back at myself, I can tell that my critique is EXTREMELY harsh and unforgiving, therefore I hope it was not the reason for this artist to leave. :scared:
    But secretly, I actually liked these pieces. Very cute indeed, especially the second one.

  2. kkots

    Ha-ha, wow, no one must be interested in this fan art, since I’m the only one commenting. Guess I shouldn’t comment next time either lol. :meh:

  3. kkots

    Something’s odd about the eyes, they look like nothing.
    The same triangular chin in all three pictures – it’s some kind of manga style, right?
    Super thin neck.
    Really good job on shading.
    Why? Why do all artist care only about their shading? What about anatomy, for ex.?


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