Minecraft Build: Survival House

Following my previous Minecraft post, here’s some screenshots of my current survival house.
(The texture pack is Chroma Hills)

I also spend a lot of time on hub.mineplex.com and mc.hypixel.net playing minigames, so if you want a chance to bump into me, you should check those out. My favourite minigames are Turf Wars, Runner and Dragons on Mineplex and TNT Run and TNT Bow Spleef on Hypixel.

minecraft house

11 thoughts on “Minecraft Build: Survival House

  1. the game lover

    i make survival houses under ground, they are very useful as home bases, mine had three levels of defense. level 1 is a pack of tame wolfs. level 2 is a ring of cacti that are hard to get past, they tend to auto kill animals and monsters, and the last level of defense is a large fence 2 blocks thick and 3 high with a roof of cobble stone, covered with torches on the roof, and inside the fence. i don’t even have to kill spiders, they kill themselves! inside it has a small field of wheat and it is located, quite by accident, near a iron mine and a lake. i also get some :bacon: from pigs that hit my cacti shield.

  2. ChaosSorceror Davidicus

    Kudos on the mansion! I especially love the Castle Walls you got going on and the courtyard. I’d hunt you down like a creeper (pun!) if I played on general servers at all anymore. Ever since Land of Blocks closed down, I dunno. The PvP element was fun, but it required my builds to take a different shape than I’d prefer, plus there is always the fear of griefers ruining what took me WEEKS to MONTHS to build. Then there is the dream build of mine I’ve wanted to make in survival forever, what I call “Fort Winters” (since my MC name is “SolstaceWinters”), which will be a beautiful quartz/stone Castle surrounded by a massive courtyard and nether brick castle wall, with a daylight sensor-powered portcullis that opens during the day and closes at night. It’d be magical if I could just get a server that lasts long enough to build the damn thing. 😡 We usually just play on private small-time servers we ourselves host.

    My brother, who goes by Faedeur on MC, made a few cool videos of our place (as well as a few other neat builds of his) on youtube, if you or anyone here would like to see and rate our/his work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05N1K9y7G_s [/shameless plug]
    No point in rating the server tho, as it is dead. 😥

  3. metallica_dillon

    Wow. You go all out when you are making a survival home. Mine are always centered on functionality when I am playing single player. Although on multiplayer servers I tend to make them a little nicer on the outside. The inside is still usually based on function more than fashion though. And I usually run out of room so I always end up making a giant basement. On the server I play on most, which is a pixelmon server, I even have multiple farms underground including a wheat farm that is 27×27. and an auto cocoa and cactus farm. I like automation. :3

  4. omt8

    Playing minecraft and bumping into you may be cool but if we happen to bump into each other I can’t recognise you because I don’t know your username so what is it?

  5. SirBlackMage

    I would love to play the whole day to have a chance to bump into you.
    Too bad that I stopped playing Minecraft. :bleh:


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