Minecraft Build: Furry Slime

I just felt like doing some pixel art!
I kind of want to do a few more, but I could easily get carried away and waste my entire life on these, so I better not.jp

6 thoughts on “Minecraft Build: Furry Slime

  1. jenjanel

    cool art
    & i heard joo like minecraft

    & i got an original & pocket & about 2 git an xbox version :yay: :hurray:

  2. Oussama

    Man, you’re really are talented in Pixel Art. If EBF4 had mini-games, can you make mini-game which EBF is an 8-bit/16-bit game, It shouldn’t be long, maybe about 4-5 enemies/enemy rows, with a total of 20-50 skills pixelated. I don’t want to be like some weight on your back, but can you please make a mini-game that makes EBF pixelated like that final picture in EBF3’s art gallery, you can decline if you want to, I’m cool about it.

    1. ShadowSun

      Now what would be awesome is a metal slug-like game with lance. :shades:
      I always wondered where he got the Valkyrie from…


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