Browser Games

Here’s a bunch of free Flash games – now powered by Ruffle, an open-source Flashplayer emulator.
Most of these games won’t work well on mobile – you should play on a PC!

The first few games are made by me, and the rest are by other developers.

Epic Battle Fantasy
Epic Battle Fantasy 2
Brawl Royale
Mecha Dress Up Game
The Kitten Game
Bullet Heaven 3 [Prototype]
Throw Rocks at Shit
Brain Toasting Dungeon
Spot & Click
Drop Cannon
When Pigs Fly
Abobo’s Big Adventure
Dad ‘n Me
Meat Boy
Miami Shark
Ultimate Crab Battle
Learn To Fly
Fancy Pants Adventures
Bubble Tanks 2
Bloons TD
Toss the Turtle
Portal Defenders
Gretel and Hansel 2
New York Shark

7 thoughts on “Browser Games

  1. Loquen

    thanks for this but i have a little problem, the games have low fps sometimes, it works well and then it lags for no reason, it doesnt matter what i do, for example FPA is really annoying for this


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