I tried to draw an Undertale NoLegs!
Loved my first playthrough of the game, genocide was alright, and I’m doing pacifist now.
I will make so many references to Undertale in EBF5!


nolegs undertale


24 thoughts on “Underlegs

  1. Aleflippy

    Aaaaw man… I’m really getting tired of seeing Undertale everywhere.

    But I’ll tolerate them in EBF5. Only you Matt…Only you :shades:

    1. Gamerkitteh

      Kinda agree with this.. it was fun for a while but now the references everywhere are just getting annoying :p

      But yes, it’s still EBF5 :love2:

  2. Minori Shizuka

    Guys… calm the heck down. ._. Doing the genocide route doesn’t “SCREW UP THE ENDING OMG”. It just changes it a tad little bit. No big difference, really. ._. And how on Earth was he supposed to know, that genocide affects the pacifist ending? I don’t go all around the Internet, looking for spoilers, until I finish the game. Jeez.

    Anyway, Matt, this fanart’s awesome, and I can’t wait for these references! :stars:

  3. Merkorer

    :yay: Undertale is cool, tried it once, felt guilt about Flowey. Tried it twice, i knew what i felt guilt about and got hit in the feels. :cry:

  4. *P R I V A T E*

    GOD, I already knew there were triggered Undertale fans in the comments. It’s his own playthrough! And if he does screw up, it is his own fault!


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