I tried to draw an Undertale NoLegs!
Loved my first playthrough of the game, genocide was alright, and I’m doing pacifist now.
I will make so many references to Undertale in EBF5!


nolegs undertale


27 thoughts on “Underlegs

    1. EdjitMan

      Yes there is a secret bossfight with “UnderLegs” in EBF5, confirmed in the trailer (the very ending of the trailer). :smirk:

  1. Aleflippy

    Aaaaw man… I’m really getting tired of seeing Undertale everywhere.

    But I’ll tolerate them in EBF5. Only you Matt…Only you :shades:

    1. Gamerkitteh

      Kinda agree with this.. it was fun for a while but now the references everywhere are just getting annoying :p

      But yes, it’s still EBF5 :love2:

  2. Minori Shizuka

    Guys… calm the heck down. ._. Doing the genocide route doesn’t “SCREW UP THE ENDING OMG”. It just changes it a tad little bit. No big difference, really. ._. And how on Earth was he supposed to know, that genocide affects the pacifist ending? I don’t go all around the Internet, looking for spoilers, until I finish the game. Jeez.

    Anyway, Matt, this fanart’s awesome, and I can’t wait for these references! :stars:

  3. Merkorer

    :yay: Undertale is cool, tried it once, felt guilt about Flowey. Tried it twice, i knew what i felt guilt about and got hit in the feels. :cry:

  4. *P R I V A T E*

    GOD, I already knew there were triggered Undertale fans in the comments. It’s his own playthrough! And if he does screw up, it is his own fault!


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