NoLegs in Indie Game Battle

Hey guys, NoLegs is going to be in a Smash Bros style game called Indie Game Battle!
He’ll be in one of the upcoming updates, and he comes with the Temple of Godcat stage, so that’s pretty cool! Check out the trailer below.

The game is currently in early access on Steam.

While I feel the game has potential, I must say that it’s not very playable in its current state. It still needs a lot of work in all areas before I can recommend it. So you should only buy it if you like testing games that are really early in development.

4 thoughts on “NoLegs in Indie Game Battle

  1. pionoplayer

    In all seriousness, this is absolutely amazing.

    The game does look like it needs some work, but still, that game’s on my watch list simply by virtue of having NoLegs in it.

  2. SomaSam

    That is so weird. When I was younger I always thought of the silly idea of the character Matt joining the smash (along with a bunch of other characters that would probably never join either.) So its kind of surreal seeing NoLegs join a smash inspired game.

    Hopefully they do well and improve a lot about the game, it’d be interesting to see him play if the game is ever actually finished. Hopefully they might adjust his moveset when his spell list is released for EBF5 too.

    And if I may, its hilarious seeing Nolegs change and grow so much from before. I remember the cat game and battle royal still, and how he used to be as opposed to now.


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