Let’s Play Bullet Heaven 2

YouTube user CreepyNinja has made a lot of good videos of Bullet Heaven 2 on Heavenly difficulty. If you want to see how the game is supposed to be played at higher difficulties, or just want to see how pretty some of the bosses look, you should check out his videos. I think he’s recorded the whole game now (so there’s spoilers, obviously), and he’s even beaten some of my high-scores!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Play Bullet Heaven 2

  1. Thrynity

    He is a pro Touhou players :yay:
    and he loved your game
    thumbs up for BH3
    (but before, bring me my EBF5)

  2. someguy

    Holy hell, now that is skill! And I thought I was good when I managed to beat world five in heavenly…


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