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Fanart: Gals + delayed post

Hi Folks!

Here’s a post form last week that we couldn’t get through due to some issues with the website:

“In the midst of taking some time off for summer, we’ve managed to catch some kind of super cold that’s knocked us out of commission for way longer than we like. The weather is beautiful and we’ve been stuck inside consuming a pile of paracetamol, cough syrup, and ginger tea. To kill the boredom we’ve been playing loads of Hidden Through Time, and it’s been such a perfectly casual game for this week – definitely recommend it for everyone.”

Here’s some lovely fanart of the EBF gals from MIXTURE_030.

EBF Collection: Beta Keys

Hey guys, if you’re a Patreon supporter (or were in the past), you can now request Steam beta keys for the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection. Beta keys allow you to play the game early, and keep it once it launches. You can get a key for every $8 you’ve given on Patreon.

The beta is mostly finished, but some of the launcher features are still a bit unreliable – such as resolution options, exiting games, and loading volume options. The games themselves should mostly work correctly.

There’s a new channel on the EBF Discord for reporting bugs: #ebfc_bug_reports
And you can chat about the collection on the #ebfc channel – it’s fine to talk about the new content, but please spoiler tag the new Adventure Story bosses.

Anyway, I’m aiming to fully launch the game at the end of May.

EBF Collection: Adventure Story

Hey guys, I’m currently working on more updates for Adventure Story.

Controller support is almost finished – you can even change the mapping of the buttons if you wish. Every spell is mapped to a different button, and you don’t need to use the spell hotkey system any more.

A “Zero” difficulty option has been added, which is much easier than Easy. I’ve been testing the “Extreme” difficulty option, and most levels are beatable, but the boss rush levels are probably impossible except for the most hardcore gamers.

And finally, I’m still adding some special abilities to equips, to make them more interesting and strategic. Obviously the Katana can now deflect bullets, and the Claymore can deflects rocks, etc.

That’s the fun stuff done. The boring stuff will include fixing some old bugs, such as the collision detection not working correctly if the game window is scaled. Not looking forward to that.

I’ve collected 139/150 Steam achievements for the EBF Collection – so that means the achievement system is working well, and the Steam overlay seems to be working correctly too (you can take screenshots and whatever else).

Back to work on the EBF Collection

Hey guys, I’m working on the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection again. This week I got Steam achievements for 6 of the games working – just 2 more to go. There’s a total of 150 achievements in all! The Steam Overlay works for most of the games too.

Besides achievements, I also need to add window and fullscreen options to the games, finish controller support in Adventure Story, and… that’ll be the features pretty much finished.

The EBF Collection will probably launch in Early Access on Steam – now that Flash doesn’t work in browsers any more, it’s hard for me to share the games with hundreds of testers, so this seems like the simplest way to get some feedback. But fear not: the EBF Collection will be 95% finished when it hits Early Access, so it won’t stay there long. Early Access has been working very well for the Android port of EBF5 – people who are impatient can play the game early with some bugs!

Speaking of which, the Android port of EBF5 is 99% finished, and will probably stay that way for a while. The main thing stopping it from being finished is the frequent crashes, which seem to be caused by audio playback issues in Flash/AIR on Android. I’ve sent the error reports to the Flash/AIR devs – they are aware of the problem and say it should be fixed in the next update. So that’s out of my control for now, let’s hope it goes well. If the crashes aren’t fixed, Google will punish me harshly for publishing a misbehaving app.

Anyway, keep an eye on those progress bars.