EBF Collection: Beta Keys

Hey guys, if you’re a Patreon supporter (or were in the past), you can now request Steam beta keys for the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection. Beta keys allow you to play the game early, and keep it once it launches. You can get a key for every $8 you’ve given on Patreon.

The beta is mostly finished, but some of the launcher features are still a bit unreliable – such as resolution options, exiting games, and loading volume options. The games themselves should mostly work correctly.

There’s a new channel on the EBF Discord for reporting bugs: #ebfc_bug_reports
And you can chat about the collection on the #ebfc channel – it’s fine to talk about the new content, but please spoiler tag the new Adventure Story bosses.

Anyway, I’m aiming to fully launch the game at the end of May.

One thought on “EBF Collection: Beta Keys

  1. fan

    can you replace the music and chracters in web version with looks-alike
    all your games have the same look between the free and deluxe version so it won’t harm if you do the sqme


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