EBF4: In-App Purchases

Hey guys, I’m working on the in-app purchases for EBF4 mobile.

Here’s an image of all the money you can spend in the game. In total it’s half the price of EBF5’s in-app purchases. Like in EBF5, you get optional ads after battles unless you pay up, and there’s a bunch of side content you can buy and play at any point.

For regional pricing reference – everything in EBF5 was the equivalent of $8, and EBF4 will use the same price conversion.

And here’s how the title screen looks with all the new links that mobile games are (mostly) required to have. The port is around 55% done now.

2 thoughts on “EBF4: In-App Purchases

  1. dex

    I just gotta say, I’ve been waiting for this one since the 6th grade, I’m now in 2nd year of uni and I’m glad this game series has come so far 💖


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