Wiesi, 1977-2023

Got some sad news. I heard from Tom Fulp that Felix Wiesner (Wiesi), the guy behind Miami Shark, Ultimate Crab Battle and other Flash games, has passed away.

That sucks. I really enjoyed getting the Newgrounds medals in the shark games back in the day. Wish I got to know him better.

Go play his games on Newgrounds!
(some of them are featured on this site as well)

One thought on “Wiesi, 1977-2023

  1. Anonymous

    Sad to see yet another talented flash artist/creator/programmer/whathaveyaer go.
    But alas, such is life; One minute you’re enjoying their hard work, and the next you regret never taking time to express gratitude for it.

    Rest in peace, Wiesi.
    (Wish I had taken time to express gratitude for the games I got to enjoy….)


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