EBF4: New Lore

Hey guys, in my previous post I mentioned that all battle dialogue in EBF4 will now have full-sized emoticons to go with it. Well I figured this would also be a good chance to add some new dialogue for the bosses, something which I regretted not doing after I first made the game. All 12 main bosses have new dialogue, and there’s also a few new lines for the players in relation to the new summons. Overall, there’s gonna be a lot of little extras to incentivize you to replay the game.

4 thoughts on “EBF4: New Lore

  1. McDingDong

    wowzer! yeah i really like this, dialogues and lores can greatly enhance the experience.
    super appreciate it man

  2. Jpx0999

    i read some fanfiction of ebf,they despicted the ebf4 evil players as shapeshifters using the players images, and we never really got any explanation of what they are in ebf4(in ebf5 at least evil no legs tell us) but this gives the vague idea they are literally the result of the guardian(the player) failed tries and game overs,it´s interesting

    1. Anonymous

      Because the other ebf 2, 3 and 4 didn’t go to Android either, that would be super cool, I’m a huge fan of ebf


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