EBF5: iOS Progress

Hey guys, you may have noticed that I added a progress bar on this website for the EBF5 iOS port. The game already works perfectly on my iPhone 11!

I managed to play the game for 9 hours before the batteries died, which I think is pretty good. I didn’t notice any performance issues, and even the experimental “Turbo Mode” runs very smoothly. I’m glad I updated the game to 20:9 aspect ratio too – it looks really good with the extra space.

I need to move a few UI elements around slightly to accommodate the iPhone notch and home bar, but that’s been pretty simple so far. Next up is getting in-app purchases, ads and cloud saving working – I don’t think I’ll have to change my code much for this, it’s more a case of doing some complicated configuration in Apple’s tools. It was quite a pain on Google Play, but all the steps seem very different on iOS, so I have no idea how it’s going to go.

If there’s no major issues, it could be ready for beta testing in a couple of weeks!

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