EBF Collection updated to version 1.9!

EBF Collection has been updated to version 1.9 on Steam:
Added 2 more prototypes: The EBF4 Battle Demo and EBF3 Spell Animations.
Added 3 handicap options to Bullet Heaven: 2x Foe Damage, 33% More Foe HP, and Speed Up Game.
(this is essentially hard mode, best experienced in a new save file)
Added the S+ and S++ ranks to Bullet Heaven, which require playing with two or three handicaps.
(there are no achievements for this)
Optimized the code in Bullet Heaven a little bit. Not sure how much it helps.
Added an experimental “Alternative Rendering” option to Bullet Heaven.
(might help if the game is running very poorly, but in most cases it will probably make performance worse)
Optimized the code in Adventure Story somewhat, but didn’t find anything seriously wrong.
Fixed Adventure Story crashing if it can’t create save data.
Fixed Medal pop-ups occasionally being stuck on-screen in Cat Cafe.
Fixed not being able to delete the new EBF2 achievements in the launcher.

If Bullet Heaven and Adventure Story are running poorly for you, I’d appreciate some feedback on the following:
Which parts of the games run slowly?
Does restarting the game help?
Does lowering the Window/Fullscreen resolution help?
Does lowering the Quality/anti-aliasing and other graphics settings help?

I’m currently not sure if there’s a memory leak, or if it’s some specific animations that are causing issues – the more information you can give me, the better.

If you’ve missed any of the previous updates, please read through the announcements on Steam!
A decent amount of content has been added since launch.

4 thoughts on “EBF Collection updated to version 1.9!

  1. One-Blue-Floof

    Is the Itch.io version going to get the update aswell? As far as I can tell, that one’s been at 1.4 for a while. Amazing games even without the update though! Also, really sorry if this has been asked before. Did some searching, but couldn’t find an answer.

  2. TheOne2246

    Seems that it’s a problem with how the moving background and bullet impacts (enemies and player) interact. Disabling the moving background fixes most lag and stuttering for me. No other option has any effect on performance on my machine. There is also a black void that causes minor lag when there are too many bullets overlapping (seems to be fixed after turning off glowing bullets but has more, albeit quicker, stuttering with it off). Along with that it seems that player and boss flickering sometimes causes huge stuttering no matter what options are selected. On rare occasions upping the quality seems to make the game run better but the moving background seems to always tank the smoothness into the ground. Overall having too many animations play at once will cause small stutters but nothing extreme as long as the background isn’t moving. Enemies that spawn bullets on death can also cause random stuttering. Going windowed reduces the severity of all but the black void lag but is still very noticeable.


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