War in Ukraine

Hey guys, I’ve been quiet for a while. I couldn’t bring myself to post anything on social media when there’s a war going on so close to home. I’ve got relatives in Poland, Lithuania and Finland that are getting a bit nervous. I think it’s more important that people pay attention to the news rather than anything I’m working on.

I don’t think I even need to point out that war is bad – everyone loses. I hope that Putin is overthrown ASAP and that Ukrainians and Russians don’t suffer too many losses before then.

Since the UK government is doing nothing to help refugees (or even its own citizens), I figured I’d give my money to charity instead of paying taxes. I hope it goes to good use in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and other troubled regions.

I’ll get back to regular updates soon.

8 thoughts on “War in Ukraine

  1. Mousy Individual

    Both sides suck. Governments suck and are full of corruption the constituents are not removing. Saddening that human life is being lost over this, yet it was also inevitable and people were willfully turning a blind eye.

    Seeing NATO’s pratfalls over trying to pass the buck to one another, while not surprising, has made me lose a lot of regard for humanity. I also don’t believe the blatant propaganda and lies that Ukraine has a smidgen of a chance against Russia; if anything, Ukraine is cruelly sending its citizens out to die for sympathy. I expect Kiev to be taken any day now. Putin, as much as he was the aggressor in all of this, has his reasons (Ukraine violated an earlier pact it made and had a foreign-sponsored upheaval in 2014, which made him uneasy) and I just have to cry over the volunteers who believed the propaganda and are futilely dying T_T It’s heartrending to read about a missile impacting and killing 180 people at once.

    I have immense respect for you as a developer for having the respect for human life you possess. Unfortunately my neighbors don’t. (“Yeah! Ukrainians are being taught to make Molotov cocktails, let’s get ‘em!” like it’s a rugby game) I served my country to come back to this level of conceit and disregard.

  2. Page

    Oh, ok. I’ve noticed sneaky updates to EBF Collection’s progress bar, and for some reason I decided to post calculations here.
    So, your absence lasted around 2 weeks, progress bar updated 5% in that time… with this ratio… EBFC Early Access will be out before the next major Steam discount.

  3. Daniil

    I agree, war is clearly an extreme measure. And as for me, it could be solved peacefully, there are no absolute villains and victims. Each side made a lot of wrong decisions that eventually led to this. And yes, Putin is unlikely to be overthrown. His power is too strong. Moreover, it is unlikely that he made the decision alone, and overthrowing the entire system is a stillborn idea. It is unlikely that any country will be able to influence Russia, and no one will definitely attack it because of Ukraine. Therefore, we can only hope that the Ukrainian leadership will accept the conditions and stop all this. Moreover, these conditions are not the worst. I do not justify Russia’s actions, but I also understand that it could not have been any other way, because Russia has been trying to force Ukraine to accept the treaty for 8 years, but this did not happen and, apparently, the time has come for extremes

  4. Rbstat

    Interestingly, WhatifAltHist predicted this war a few days in advance, the only thing he got wrong was the date. And the logistical failure of the Russian military. In the video he said that the reason for Russia fighting the war was basically a giant PR campaign. A “Look! Russia is still strong! We’re great and powerful still.” Basically in an attempt to prevent a complete collapse of society.

    However if that’s the case. Then Ukraine slowing their advance to a halt, will be damning. The overall logistical nightmare on the Russian front might end up lowering morale. Which would just further collapse. Similar to Afghanistan.

    Either way, your donation is good. Especially since the slowed Russian assault, will allow doctors to do their job more easily. I also would recommend organizations that will get civilians out of the country safely. Mostly for the same reasons.

  5. Adamant03a

    I’m not particularly sure that Putin started the war, there are other options, and on the part of the president who has ruled for so long being in alliance with Ukraine can just go and start a war, there are suspicions about Zelensky because he recently became president of Ukraine and the comedian is still that

    1. Illia

      yes it wasn’t even neccessary to say that you’re russian explicitly, you are a fcking russian shill, that’s obvious


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