EBF5: Filters be Gone

Hey guys, I’m working on the tedious task of removing all of the filters from the battle animations in EBF5. Not only do they not work in mobile, they still slow the game down noticeably, so I’m recreating their effects with other tools.
The mobile version is running smoother every day!

Here’s a screenshot of the graphics that I’m modifying – you probably won’t notice a big difference.

3 thoughts on “EBF5: Filters be Gone

  1. TexRider

    Wait a minute, is that phyena bomb in bullet heaven 2? What is that doing in epic battle fantasy mobile series? Is that a teaser?

  2. Belyayev's-Fox

    Have you thought about bringing some of the mobile optimizations to PC for people with mid to low spec devices? I know that the game isn’t super intensive on hardware, but it’s still worth considering.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      It won’t make much difference on PC.
      The main bottleneck on PC is that Flash vector graphics are rendered by the CPU, and on mobile they are rendered by the GPU, which is much faster.
      There’s nothing I can reasonably do to fix that. Blame Adobe for abandoning the tech.


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