Bullet Heaven 3: Level Select

Hey guys, most of the levels for the Bullet Heaven 3 Prototype are done now, and I reckon the game can be beaten in around an hour, maybe a bit longer if you want to get all of the S ranks.

BUT there’s also a hard mode, where foes shoot more bullets, have more HP, and do double damage. I think getting S ranks on that one will keep people busy for an extra few hours, and overall I’m happy with the amount of content in this quick project.

Still can’t show off any gameplay since I’ve still got some placeholder graphics to fill in.

Also, I may be spending a bit too much time trying to make the UI shiny… since this is made for Ruffle, I can fit in more animated backgrounds without any lag, which is cool.

5 thoughts on “Bullet Heaven 3: Level Select

  1. D-Walker

    It’s been so long that I finally decided to go play your game series again (currently struggling NOT to kill bosses to enslave them…) and wow, I didn’t expect to see you in the works again. I’m excited to see how this will differ from your previous games.

  2. Kayla

    I like how there’s upgrades for those new to the genre like myself, but also three heart challenge and hard mode for those that wanna go up levels, or are already Touhou veterans.


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