Flashplayer is Kill

Flashplayer is kill – Flash games will (in most cases) no longer run in browsers starting yesterday. In case you haven’t heard yet, some alternatives include BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint Infinity app (I’ve tested it, my games work on there), the Supernova plugin for Chrome, or the Pale Moon browser. I do think Flashpoint Infinity is the simplest solution though – once you set it up it’s really easy to use. I think it’s Windows-only though.

Ruffle can already play a lot of ActionScript 2 games in browsers, including Epic Battle Fantasy 1, The Kitten Game, and Mecha Dress Up Game. The games actually run much smoother than they did in Flash! Newgrounds has Ruffle enabled for games that work with it. I’m excited to see the day when Ruffle can run ActionScript 3 games – a lot more people could potentially play Epic Battle Fantasy 5 in HD without lag! If you have any spare money lying around and want to preserve Flash games, I really encourage you to donate to the project. (you can also donate your time by reporting bugs and stuff)

You’ve also got the option to buy my latest games on Steam and Itch.io, which include a lot more content than the free versions. And in a few months, the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection will be available to purchase too, which will include ALL of my older games with slight updates.

Anyway, here’s some EBF5 art that Ronja made. Very cool.

17 thoughts on “Flashplayer is Kill

    1. Ronja

      Matt is currently working on porting EBF5 to mobile, so work on porting the Collection to Steam will likely resume after this.

  1. KiniBara

    What’s being worked on currently in the collection? From what I can tell, it’s mostly the copy righted content right?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Adventure Story is getting some new content, and that’s the biggest part that still needs to be finished.

  2. EmDotRand

    Kinda mad thatall of my stand alone flash players stopped working. I thought it was just browser support ending.

    1. EmDotRand

      Update: I just changed the date on my rig and everything worked. Flashplayer on Linux works too, albeit with some errors.

  3. Anonymous

    the similarities of matt and matt are too much,they seems to be almost the same person

    hey guys
    i have a thoery whatif matt and matt are the same person….

    they are in the same room at the same time…

  4. Dystopiac

    MATT: Who are you?
    NATALIE: Why do you look familiar?

    KUPO: To put it simply, we’re your creators. We created the Epic Battle Fantasy series, and likewise, we created you.
    PHRYNA: Yes, and unfortunately, since Flash Player is killed, you will soon die with it.
    RONJA: We have to kill you. You will respawn, but we have to stop Flash Player from doing it first.

    (INFLICTED “FLASHED” STATUS EFFECT: Your attacks can only do 1 damage. Luckily, the goal here is to kill yourselves, not the enemies, but you’ve only got a limited number of turns to do it!)

    1. Dystopiac

      (Now that I got that out of the way, I wanted to ask you something. My EBF4 game on Steam suddenly “updated”, but the progress bar still says 80%. Did you finish early, Matt?)

      1. Ronja

        The EBF4v2 beta is now available on Steam and you can opt in to try it out. There might still be some issues to sort through before the full release. There will be more info on it here tomorrow!

        1. Dystopiac

          Ronja?! I thought Matt was the only curator of the site…anyways, yes, I know about the beta now. (I love it, my favorite of the quintology was always EBF4, and this update gives it one heck of a list of reasons to revisit it.)

          1. Ronja

            I’ve been taking care of the fanart posts and some other additional posting and helping out on here, Discord, and the Facebook page for two years now 🙂

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