EBF Collection: Achievements

Hey guys, the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection is going to have almost 150 achievements in total, more than any other game I’ve made! It’s gonna be great for anyone who plays games just for Steam achievements, since it won’t take too long to get them all.

All of the original Newgrounds medals will be in there, plus some games will have a couple of new ones. The Kitten Game has never had achievements before on any platform, so it’s getting a completely new set. Cat Cafe’s in-game medals are pretty grindy, so I’ll probably make the Steam achievements easier than those. I’ll also make sure that you don’t need to beat EBF1 and 2 on every difficulty anymore – Epic will be enough.

You’ll have the option to delete medals for each game separately. I still get complaints about Epic Battle Fantasy 4 not having a simple way to delete medals, so I’m not going to forget that feature again.

I’ve also remade all of the achievement icons in HD!
A lot of the icons needed to be remade anyway – some contained copyrighted characters, and some were very low-effort. I’ve kept the spirit of the originals, but many will be shinier now.

The standard size for web game achievements was 50×50 pixels, and Steam uses 64×64, but I figured I would future-proof them and go for 128×128. I’m making the most of this and displaying them quite large in the launcher interface.

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