EBF Collection: New Levels

Hey guys, I’m making a lot of progress on the new Adventure Story levels. Here’s some gifs. They’re pretty hard but should still be totally beatable unless you’re playing on Extreme mode. When Adventure Story is done, I’ll have to do a livestream of the whole game to see if Extreme mode is beatable… the hardest part isn’t the super powerful boss attacks, it’s the really weak attacks that surprise you and still kill you in one hit.

Adventure Story is the longest game in the EBF Collection, and it never got a sequel, so it seems fair to give it the most new content. Anyone trying to 100% it will definitely get a decent amount of playtime out of this game.

15 thoughts on “EBF Collection: New Levels

  1. trortz

    Here’s a request for EBF:AS:
    Make a projectile patterns for the bosses bosses and mobs (ESPECIALLY MONOLITHS), maybe add new manageble but challenging attacks, plus no mob spawn (I know that it’s to make things more difficult, but it’s very cheap move and I hope you understand it. No offense, I played this game on Epic difficulty level, it gets frustrating and pretty unfair and it will get even worse on Extreme difficulty), or just make a separate phase for bosses where they will spawn some mobs, but won’t do much themselfs… I just wanted to point this out before it’s too late.

  2. Gliga Alin

    Hi Matt, you put your all games on steam or you update your games?
    If you choose second then ease make Adventure Story more fixed.It’s so buggy.
    Thank you for reading my topic.

    P.S: I can’t wait for EBF5 on phone =D

  3. Anonymous

    this is kind of unrelated, but i’ve been loving your games since EBF3 and since flash is dying I’d like to play the paid versions, but I don’t have a PC. Any chance of a Mac port ever?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      There will be partial Mac support in the EBF Collection, like with EBF5. You won’t be able to run it as a .exe file with Steam overlay, Steam achievements, etc, but you can just go into the installation folder and run the original .swf files, on any operating system.

  4. Anonymous

    Will these updates be coming to kongregate as I believe the games already on there can still be updated just no new ones and as such I would like to try them out

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Nope, every game in the EBF Collection will still be English-only.

      There’s very little text in these games though, mainly just the instructions.


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