EBF Collection: EBF2 Update

Hey guys, I’m currently in the process of updating EBF2. Unlike EBF1, there’s no copyrighted stuff to replace, so most of my effort is going into bug fixing. There’s a ton of fairly minor bugs – descriptions not being quite accurate, achievement conditions being unclear, skill effects not working, or foes not having the correct attributes. But there’s a few more serious bugs as well, such as enemy buffs never expiring, or some skills being completely inaccessible.

While fixing that stuff, I re-learned how the game worked, and extra changes started to creep in. I’ve balanced a few things – useless skills have been buffed a bit, particularly the ones that give Matt elemental resistance.

For those that don’t remember, there’s a limited number of skills that you can unlock in each playthrough of EBF2, and the ones available to you are based on your in-game actions. The Epic difficulty meta favours very defensive builds, so you’ll mostly be getting healing and defence upgrades. There’s a lot of wasted potential in the skills system when such an obvious strategy works so well.

So now I’m thinking – maybe I should just add some completely new skills to make the game feel fresh to replay. EBF1 has new graphics and music after all.

I think I’ll be expanding on the usefulness of offensive skills – giving them more tiers, and adding more passive attacks. And also adding more passive healing options besides Slime Bunny.

Is there anything in particular you’d like to see changed or upgraded?

9 thoughts on “EBF Collection: EBF2 Update

  1. Collector

    Well, I guess I can start off with some improvements that could help for the game

    -improving support AI to prioitize what player needs based on the item they randomly have (Just saw a comment some time ago on kongregate about Noleg’s logic)
    -save stating (Could be autosaved between battles and fully saved in between checkpoints)
    – having a normal attack be separate from limit breaks when the limit break is charged (Which I’m guessing is the skill that is inaccessible)
    -Having the dialogue be functionally similar to later series (from the intro and the final boss)
    -Scanbot and the bestiery

    1. ShadowsSun

      No. That line stays.

      EBF, particularly the early ones, are like a time capsule from a long-forgotten age when we got about one meme per year and so it had to go into everything. Remove that, and you remove the soul.

      That meme is not dead which can eternal lie…

  2. OnyxInc

    If you’re doing mechanical changes, would it be possible to add quality-of-life changes from EBF5 (one-click character switching, getting the first move if you killed everything in the last wave, etc)?


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