Half Life Creatures

Yo, after playing Half Life: Alyx, I felt like drawing some alien creatures. I’m also quite tempted to play the other Half Life games, as this was my first.

I believe it’s been two years since I’ve drawn anything on paper, so it’s nice to see that I can still do it! I may even draw more stuff – who knows?!

I’ve started playing Pokemon Sword now – I quite like the graphics and presentation, despite the low Switch specs, and I love how they replaced the random battle system. But they’ve definitely cut a lot of corners: Cutscenes beg to have voice acting, some animations are really bad, home interiors look copy and pasted, many Pokemon icons are too small to make out, routes and towns feel shallow and linear, and Pokemon still don’t have proper cries (except for Pikachu). Oh well.

I never finished Pokemon Clover btw. I loved it, but in the end the difficulty was just too insane for me. I couldn’t beat Prof. Stump, and I swear the AI cheats.

2 thoughts on “Half Life Creatures

  1. OnyxInc

    Ooh, you should definitely play Half-Life 2! It still holds up today for combat and natural-feeling tutorialization.


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