Looking for German and Simplified Chinese translators

Hey guys, hope you all enjoyed your holidays.

I took a few days off work, but I’ll be polishing EBF5 v2 for most of January – there’s still some balancing, bug fixing, and translation work to be done.

I’m looking for volunteers to translate the new v2 text into German and Simplified Chinese. To qualify, you just have to be fluent in the language, and be familiar with the EBF5 game and existing translation. If you’re interested, please shoot me an email at kupo707 AT hotmail DOT com.

You’ll also need Google and Discord accounts for Google Docs and general chatting. (I realise this may be a problem for people in China… I’ll have to consider what can be done about that)

The previous translators are still around on Discord, but have very limited time at the moment. There’s no concrete deadlines, but it would be nice to have the text done in the first two weeks of January, giving us the rest of the month to test it. Overall there’s not that much new text – if you’ve played the v2 beta you’ll have a good idea already.


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