EBF5: Wooden Chair and Treagure

Hey guys, here’s the first two winners of the EBF5 Foe Competition!
The competition isn’t over yet, but there’s not much time left, as I’m gradually considering winners.

Angry chair is by Dumfro, and Treagure is by ScepterDPinoy.
I’ve made a few changes, mainly to make them appear better against a black background.



5 thoughts on “EBF5: Wooden Chair and Treagure

  1. Kayla

    Will these just be single monsters, or are they the basis for a family of monsters, like boulders, slimes, golems, etc.?

  2. Oxybulyx

    Again, how do I shrink my images? It says they are 32 x 32 but they are not. Can someone tell me what to do or what program to use? :wut: 😥

    1. dumfro

      I made them small first and then enlarged them, not the other way around. seems to me like that makes more sense for pixel art


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