7 thoughts on “Interview Video

  1. long

    after ebf 5 maybe a little remake of ebf 2? it doesnt have to be big, but apply the knowledge you’ve gained uptill to day and put it in ebf 2?
    or you can put it in one of the time machine dungeon you speak off where only matt and natz fight lance and the tank

  2. Belyayev's Fox

    So what will you do next after completely finishing EBF5? I understand that Flash as a platform will officially be dead next year, so there might be complications with anything else you do that still involves Actionscript. Will you switch to Unity or a HTLM5-based tool set like Construct?

    P.S. You should move your site to HTTPS.

  3. Savi

    I’m sorry if this is out of place, but im a 17 y/o amateur programmer working in python and C languages. As a child i spend countless hours playing your games and i find myself now regarding them as a monumental mile stone in what has driven me towards programming my own games. I’m currently working on a solo on a private project where your epic battle fantasy games are an enormous inspiration to me and my development on this project.
    Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, I wish you the best for all of your future endeavors :yay:


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