EBF5: NES Backgrounds

Here’s a collection of all the pixel art backgrounds I’ve made for EBF5 so far.
They’ll be used for secret areas where pixel monsters appear.

They’re based on the style of Final Fantasy 3 for the NES, and stick to 3 colors plus black.
They’re shown in the order I made them, and you can see I started putting more work into them over time, and using less repetition.

It’s been a lot of fun working on these.
Which one is your favourite?
pixel bacxkgrounds

6 thoughts on “EBF5: NES Backgrounds

  1. SagePtr

    Nice work) Although it’s a bit of misaligned off 8×8 tile grid (like NES has), but noone of players has pixel-perfect eyes to notice this (without opening image in photoshop)


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