EBF5 is Complete!

Version 1.0 of EBF5 is live on Steam, for those with beta keys.
Last chance to find any major bugs.

People have asked what time the game will launch on Friday – and it depends!
It’s launched manually by me, so it may be quite early if I’m ready to go. The discount coupons are also launched manually, but by a Valve employee, so I don’t know when you’ll get those. Hopefully not long after launch!

People have also been asking what the price will be in different currencies, so here’s a full list:
$14.99, £11.49, 12,49€, CHF 15.50, 360 pуб., 53,99zł, R$ 28,99, ¥ 1,520, 103,00 kr, Rp 95 999, RM32.00, P389.95, S$14.50, ฿239.00, 165.000₫, ₩ 15,500, 25,00 TL, 229₴, Mex$ 154.99, CDN$ 17.49, A$ 21.50, NZ$ 18.49, ¥ 50, ₹ 459, CLP$ 6.400, S/.31.00, COL$ 25.000, R 105.00, HK$ 76.00, NT$ 268, 29.95 SR, 42.00 AED, ARS$ 179,99, ₪55.95, 2 400₸, 2.80 KD, 33.99 QR, ₡6.500, $U329
These prices are based on Valve’s recommendations, which change regularly, so don’t blame me if they’re a bit off.

45 thoughts on “EBF5 is Complete!

  1. Kubiknubika

    okay buy in russia cuz 15$ in rub is 1000, but the in steam game sells for 360, that’s ~5$(70% off)

  2. Shiftless

    Hell yeah man! I can’t wait! I started playing the EBF series way back when on Kongregate. I was so excited when I learned EBF4 was on steam. I bought a copy immediately and enjoyed the everloving hell out of it. I’m ready to do the same for 5…..now how to figure out how to get the steam-link working on my tv…. :love: :love: :hurray: :hurray: :yay: :yay:

  3. Asaika_Red

    Congratulations!! :stars: :stars: Your games are the best!
    -I expect more Matt and Lance scenes HAHAHA-

      1. Mathiau

        Outside from Anna being impressed by Natalie’s body (which was already true in EBF2) I didn’t see any, I didn’t finish the game tho

      2. Tristan

        Wow homophobic comment wake up we are in 2018 and soon 2019. This is sad to see this kind of comment on the website of a marvelous game.

          1. Waoren

            Thank you! Matt’s game has always been a traditional throwback to good times, and last I checked most people believed in 2 genders in the golden age of traditional RPG’s.

            I have been with Matt since the Andkon Arcade times, and I like to recommend traditional games to my friends 🙂

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      If you use Steam Play beta, apparently the game runs normally on Linux.
      There’s also a simple work-around for getting it running on Mac or mobile – there’s a Flash file in the installation folder that you can run on pretty much anything.

  4. Ferdoc

    Well… gonna be buying 3-5 copies of this right off the bat. Gonna give some away to friends who need to re-learn classic RPG goodness. Thank you for hooking me on this heroi…heroic game.. yeah…. heroic….

  5. Az0rius G4m3r

    :love: :love2: :stars: :love: :love2: :stars: :love: :love2: :stars: :love: :love2: :stars: :love: :love2: :stars:

  6. Orblet

    Damn, for the public beta I’m in the final area of the game, hopefully I can get the discount code soon so I can hop right into all the bonus content.

  7. Metalslug27

    Well shit lad I expected to send at least 25 burger pounds your way for your /3/ YEARS of work. Humble bundle when?

    1. Florrie

      I think that (¥ 50) must be a typo or something. There’s another entry in the list, ¥ 1,520, which is way closer to the actual price.

    2. Road White

      Hmm yeah that one is indeed strange. At first I thought it would be the Chinese Yuan, but even then it’s too cheap – I assume the actual Chinese one is the “R 105.00” .

  8. Joseph Howard

    That’s awesome! You said we would get a discount coupon or something for EBF5 added to our Steam account if we already owned EBF4, right? I have to take my final exams next week before I can really play it, though. :stars: :yay: ❗ 😥


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