Deadlines Suck

Setting a release date for EBF5 before everything was ready was a big mistake. I’m probably gonna be finished on time, but it still adds a lot of extra stress. A bunch of problems appeared on Steam, many of which I’ve either fixed, or found simple ways for the user to fix them. But then there’s some things I don’t think I can do anything about, like a few anti-viruses being triggered by the game. Not sure why it’s happening, as my other games didn’t have this problem, and shows the executables as clean. Hopefully this will clear up once a bunch of people play the game and tell their anti-virus that it’s fine.

I should also mention that the German translation might not be finished at launch. It might need a little bit of extra time.

I’ve also prepared an EBF5 asset pack for YouTubers or reviewers, which includes different variations of the cover art, screenshots, game info, and in-game emoticons.

31 thoughts on “Deadlines Suck

  1. Celestial Lion

    Focus on making the game good and complete, I think most of us are willing to wait a bit longer if we know we are getting a finished game vs an incomplete one

  2. Helios

    Well i donโ€™t have my own money, so i will wait until the free version release :p
    Do you have other planes such as bullet heaven 3 or adventure story 2? :tongue:

  3. Cyanide236

    You have the right to delay the release date, and you must delay if it means you can fix a bug! The founder of Mario has said, “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”. I believe it holds true in any game. Don’t pressure yourself to release the game on time. And in future endeavours, avoid releasing any deadline at all. It should be, “You know what? I think the game is ready. I’ll release it today”.

  4. RSC

    About fake antivirus positives : it is sometimes triggered by unlucky match between the virus signature database and a random part of your game files. Chances increase if the executable includes compressed data (fairly common in viruses in order to have different versions of the same virus with many different signature thanks to different compression algorithms). If you have the names of the anti-viruses and the detected viruses, you can search for the virus string signature in your game files. If it’s in the middle of game data, changing the order of assets can help.(No idea if you have that level of control in a flash game)
    Note that it’s very possible that your files are clean and the ones from those who reported the problem are not. Checking checksums can help.
    I can have a look if you’re interested.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Thanks. Less people are reporting the problem now, so maybe EBF5 looks a bit more reputable now that a few people have played it and told their Antivirus that it’s fine.

  5. Silthara

    I think it was really awesome of you to make an asset pack. A friend of mine does live streaming and he usually has to turn to Google for images to edit into video thumbnails. It doesn’t him a long time to make a thumbnail but an asset pack definitely makes it easier and quicker.

  6. TokyoMewMew

    Dun stress about it~ Release can wait. You need to be in good health for all the upcoming success for EBF5 :yay:

  7. potato

    first of all I stupidly forgot that sales were going on soon, and bought ebf4 a few weeks ago. Now, even after the 20% discount for ebf5 i’m going to be 8 cents off the price (in steam credit)…

  8. Devin de Vries

    Honestly I can’t even be mad if the game got delayed a bit. Your communication with the fans has
    been excellent since the start.
    I also like the fact that even though you’re experiencing stress due to deadlines, you’re still putting
    in the effort to cover some things that don’t directly correlate with EFB5’s release, like the youtuber
    asset pack.

    It’s been a hell of a ride Matt (in a good way). I’m looking forward to playing the game alongside
    Smash Ultimate. :yay:

  9. Remus Lupine

    Honestly, delay it if you want to. We have the beta to keep us busy until the release. And since you’ve made the save files compatible, no loss really. :yay:

  10. RockOwlGamer

    don’t worry man, we’ve waited this long, we can wait a little longer

    besides I’ll still do a playthrough series of it

  11. Altran

    About anti-viruses triggering – from experience some anti-viruses now factor in “reputation rating” in their detection. Meaning that if you create new executable that was never encountered by said anti-virus, it is much more likely to prevent it from running, even if it doesn’t detect anything malicious about it.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, I think that’s what’s happening. Is there anything I can do to make EBF5 more trustworthy?

      1. Pikarizard

        If I’m right, let people rate it high so the anti-viruses will recognize it as a friendly game file. :hurray: :stars:

  12. Jack

    It is okay Mattie, you can fix the problem and get the job done, you are very bright and talented and this one will be a hit :stars: :love2:

  13. Sticks

    Ah, was kinda hoping it might end up getting released earlier, not complaining though. Also are the coupons going to come a day/couple days later or just a couple hours after launch? :wut:

  14. Dyllon Visser

    With us closing in on the release of EBF5, when and how are we receiving these “discounts”
    i’ll buy the game regardless but if it can be a little cheaper i won’t complain ๐Ÿ™‚

    can’t wait for EBF5!

      1. Painkiller

        What annoys me most on your games is that certain hats and now add-ons cover the face of the charater during dialogue. If you are reading this then PLEASE add option to options to dodge whether things like that show during dialogue. If it is too difficult before release I have the patience to wait till it updates.

          1. ironwall

            Hi, Matt. I post here first time, but know that I follow your serie from EFB2 and up (silent fan type). I had simple question, that I find important, about capturing enemies: there will be any way of informing player, when checking foe, that this foe is already captured? I ask, because I, and probably much more peoples, will try to catch them all for fun and challenge and such information will be crucial for time-saving sake, as sometimes you may can not achieve capture with first encounter (I don’t exacly want to write all names of catched foes and later check everytime, I met known enemy, that I already had him).

    1. TyloThorn

      Same, actually. Though I reread it immediately, that did seem a bit too obvious to be anything but fishy.


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