26 thoughts on “Monsters 6!

  1. A Person

    I personally think that med ants are an amazing idea and actually quite funny. I could totally see them giving you health items and mp items.

  2. Shinmyoumaru

    I can assume the medical ants would be amazing allies considering they can come out almost anywhere and just throw health items at you and then quickly leave. They seem pretty cute as well…

    In game though, I’d probably take the Heart Flower. If the White Flower already heals so much, how much can this little heart flower heal?! :love2:

  3. ShadowDream

    Edible Grub. It is so cute, just look at it. Imagine it passing by randomly and someone from the crew grabbing it and eating. Plus Matt eats everything, so the grub won’t be despised.

  4. Phoenix

    *Looks At Companion Bot*
    Me: Scanbot is that you old friend?
    anyways if Companion Bot ends up being scan bot he/she/it will probably be the most useful companion. Knowing the enemies weakness prevents me from making a idiot out of myself.
    Medical Ants and Charming Pigeon seem like weird choices but i guess they could drop various consumable items and/or buff the party with something like brave.
    Friendly Math Test? Are we sure any of the EBF cast has done maths except Lance and Natalie? Matt would really die off boredom if that was used and Anna would be perma confused.
    Also whats with all the eye’s ? Health Potion, Healing Shuriken , Love Germ , Eye Garlic and Eye Broccoli Looks really really weird.
    ‘Eye’ dont like it
    Also various things some of the designs remind me of:-
    Friendly Ghost – Napstablook , Undertale
    Stalker Slug and Charming Pigeon – Goomy and Pidove from Pokemon X and Y AND Pokémon Black and White/Black 2 and White 2 respectively.
    :smirk: :stars: :sick: :scared: :shades:

  5. A Wikia Editor

    Medical Ants and Angel Elephant definitely have something in them. It may be pencil, but I still imagine elephant being blue, like a certain other familiar elephant.
    Charming Pidgeon really reminds me of Pokemon’s gen V Pidove, as it also happens to have a heart symbol upfront.

  6. Drake

    Love Bomb!
    And it would fit to the ‘Loved’ buff (there will be one of I did read right) and would be one way to attack ‘loved’ players ❗

  7. Gman Shadow

    You should actualy have these as a sumon in ebf 5.
    The other monsters – enemies in ebf 5.
    :smirk: :yay: :hurray: :bacon:

  8. jumjumlp

    I’m gonna have to agree with majority and go with the healing ants. Just the thought of being wounded in battle, and then this colony of ants running in and tossing you healing items, is just too adorable. Also keep that eye garlic far away from me, that thing is nightmare inducing :scared:

  9. Cero

    I can’t help but imagine swarms of ants coming together to heal one player, that would be amazing.

  10. Ant Man

    I think the medical ants would be cool because just imagine that you get low on health and you call in some medical ants that come out of no where and they bring healing supplies. :stars: :stars: :stars: :hurray:

  11. Karyete

    So many clever designs here, but I’m imagining a colony of ants bringing me medical supplies and it’s adorable.

    …how exactly would the health potion function? Are those eyes sentient?


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