EBF5: Status Icons

Hey peeps, here’s all the new status and element icons I’ve made for EBF5.
All of the status effects have been implemented now – there’s quite a lot of new ones. I won’t spoil them all, I’ll just let you guess what they are from the icons. I think many of the new effects are really interesting. πŸ˜€

I haven’t made the resistance system any more complicated – there’s still only 12 status resistance types. Similar effects like Wet and Dry are grouped together now.

status icons

50 thoughts on “EBF5: Status Icons

  1. Q.salis

    Something I always thought should be in these games: when you have more than 100% resistance to a status effect, you should receive the opposite of it. Like 200% resistance to Doom would give you Auto-Life when hit.

  2. caoticgoremagala

    now my only question for ebf5 is, is akron comeing back iu loved his fight and disign ❓ :stars:

  3. gimmethegepgun

    One thing I hope for with Hot and Wet (assuming Hot has a positive side against cold damage like Wet had against fire damage) is that status resistance makes you resistant to the negative effects of them, but not the status themselves. One of the great downsides of the Blue Dress was its Wet resistance, because the free Rain casts would be so nice to have against fire enemies due to its fire resist (and cold weakness on the already cold-weak, and putting out fires on fire sprites and the like), but the dress itself made the user immune to Wet, and so she didn’t get the fire resistance. On my Epic runs I tried to use Blue Dress to help with the Dark Godcat stages of the final battle, but it wouldn’t work out because I couldn’t afford to not have fire resistance on the dress slot, even though it halved the fire damage everyone else took and constantly put out fires on them.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, I’m trying to keep status and elemental resistance on separate equipment this time.

  4. Eskil "Zacroxx" Nyberg

    Hey, this might be slightly irrelevant to this specific post, but I was just wondering if you have the story for EBF5 done already, or if that’s remaining to be done? I’m curious since I imagine it takes quite some time to design a story for the game, and maybe there’s a “left-to-do” list somewhere?

    I just want a general idea of how much you have left to be done, and by the way, thank you so, so much for creating these games. EBF4 is easily in my top three, if not in the number one spot.

  5. Shraderc.inc

    Thank you for putting up the % done bar, its nice to know where you are so i dont feel frustrated.


    Peeps? :bleh: :bleh: :bleh:

  6. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I get the sense that the two food-related status might be something akin to “Hungry” (the fork and knife) and “Full” (the fork with the X through it). If I were to hazard a guess, Hungry would make you consume two food items if given one, and Full would make you unable to use food items, which would suck if you need to revive someone. Hopefully we get another revival spell. I’d love that. One naturally on Natz and another that is Shared and can be passed around.

    Looking forward to the madness.

  7. Daikenkini

    Why is the ice icon darker than the water icon? Maybe it’s just me and not most people but I find that a bit confusing.

    1. SomaSam

      Its one of the bigger changes in EBF5.

      Matt’s going to try using turn cool downs instead of traditional magic points. Especially ever since EBF3, mana is usually not a big deal past the mid point in the game, where you can just use a muffin and cap back out.

      This way you can’t just spam the hardest hitting moves over and over again, encouraging using different moves; and encouraging swapping out to party members in reserve so they can use their spells while the other cools down.

      Lance in particular is going to be differentiated from the other players by dealing large amounts of alpha strike damage, but have really long cool downs to compensate.

  8. Sasu

    Hey Matt, since I quite had my time to replay your games, and so I just finished replaying EBF 3 and currently I am still going through EBF 4 again and as I played those games again, I have sorta gathered all the good and bad feelings and decided to leave you some little suggestion here. Eh Im not really sure what all the changes to buffs will be, but I feel like the most of the buffs should be in “Special” cathegory, so anyone can learn them. This is comming mostly from my EBF 4 experience as I like to use Lance a lot, but because the Evasion buff was part of skill tree purely for Anna, it felt like I have to depend on her a bit too much, considering that anyone could learn Flare and it felt little bit unbalanced that way.
    Well that was more on the note of skills, now more on the note of statuses and buffs/debuffs. I think that enemies having some resistence to status effects feels alright as they are bosses, but I think debuff resistance is quite out of place. It makes a lot of skills that are supposed to give you guaranteed value much more random and less dependant and using those just to basically waste your turn feels a lil bit frustrating. So I think it would be cool, if enemies would either have no debuff resistance or players would also have access to some debuff resistances.
    And for some notes finally towards statuses – when I played EBF 4 I kinda noticed that when you are under burn effect and get hit by some kind of water effect, you immediatly become wet (even if you had like burning 9), while if you are wet and get hit by fire attack your wet count just goes down by 1. So if that’s the case I really felt like it should work the same way both ways around (which now may cause rather different effect like warm, etc…, from the new icons I see?). Also as stuns buffs the damage of earth skills, water of lighting and ice,… I think that burning should boost the power of wind spells as that kinda also makes sense. Also not sure if the 2nd new icon is some kind of dark burn or bleeding? Bleeding would be quite cool doe, and it could be procced mostly by wind skills? :v
    Anyways I don’t check your twitter too much and I feel like other peeps here had quite accurate guesses with which I can agree in most parts, so I guess I’ll end my super long post right there, to anyone who made it up there, I wish you a nice day c:.

  9. Devin de Vries

    I hope this means there’s more “take more/less damage from x element” as well. Want to try out some goofy strats in EBF5 and see if I can make it work somehow.
    (Btw speaking of goofy strats, it would be nice if you can target your teammates with attacks this time around because of damage absorption and stuff like that)

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I wanted to do that but it’s not so simple – targeting your allies would require new damage formulas and a lot of balancing.

      1. Devin de Vries

        Because the attack/defense values of the players are out of proportion compared to those of the monsters, right?

      2. SomaSam

        I believe in Final Fantasy 3, they didn’t change the formulas when attacking allies.

        This meant that if you attacked one of the other players (you could even target yourself if I remember correctly) you could easily one shot your units due to how much damage your units did compared to their defenses and health.

        Of course that wouldn’t work too well in this game with the elemental absorption. It could easily negate the need for healing spells when you can just nuke someone with a strong attack that they absorb and go back up to full health. I am not too familiar with balancing damage calculations, but would an easy fix to see how’d it work would be just to take the full damage the character would do and multiply it by a fraction, like (total damage) * .1 and deal that to Player induced player damage?

        1. Devin de Vries

          Funny thing is it’s the other way around in EBF 3 and 4.
          The monsters have tons of health, but lack defense. For example, when you use the Nuke limit break
          in EBF3, your party barely takes any damage,except from the poison effect.

  10. Seqnec

    I think that some of the effects from dark characters are here like the pentagram seems associated with Anna the dark fire seems associated with Natz the food ones seem like Matt and the virus one seems like Lance. I’m not sure about ssj nolegs

    Either way it seems that the dark characters are gonna be hard πŸ˜₯

  11. Karyete

    Question Mark – Forces the target to use a random move, or target a random enemy?

    “Virus” – A type of poison that spreads when using physical moves, maybe?

    Horseshoes – This is a tricky one. Horseshoes are associated with luck…possibly increases/decreases the chance of secondary effects occurring.

    1. Spirare

      From twitter:

      “Just programmed ‘virus’ status. Like poison but spreads between everything. If you find a foe with virus, you want to heal or kill it fast.”

      So, pretty close, but I don’t think it’ll need an attack to spread.

  12. Athon smoker

    Also, i’m guessing that the icon next to the burn effect is something that indicate that the enemy is bleeding. Am I right ❓

  13. Athon smoker

    Now that I think about it, the attack 1 of nolegs could has a chance to give the surprise effect to the enemies, since, you know, Nolegs just stab them in the back. :smirk:

  14. adfdsasdfasdsdfda

    wondering on how would this horseshoe buff work, at first I thought it’s just a critical hit chance increase, but then we already have Brave for that

    1. Phil

      I dunno.
      But now I see why he had to make Lance’s airstrikes separate skills.
      A luck status would have made that OP as hell.

  15. Shraderc.inc

    It will be cool (and annoying) to see and work around enemies causing my team to not be able to use items like coffee when Nat is down, it will break me out of my usual rut of strategy

  16. Morgan Rue

    Bomb is pink now? Then why did Lance have a bunch of non-pink explosions with what looked like bomb weapons?

  17. SomaSam

    Let’s see, based on your twitter comments and basic association:

    Burn, heavy/dark burn (either a stronger or dark aligned burn), warm, wet, chilled and frozen, chilled, frozen, paralyzed, smoke screen (originally thought accuracy debuff, but since its next to the cross hairs, I am thinking its an evade buff), targeted (enemy focus fire on specified target), berserk, probably crippled to lower speed or attack, perhaps a new type of syphon for summons or something dark element related, normal syphon, dispel, haste (that or less likely -roadkill), stagger, confusion (surprised initially you hadn’t added confusion in before), slime-ify, shiny-slime-ify (I got nothing else here), hungry, stuffed, slowed/debuff (tired?), buffed, status switch?, poison, virus, DEAD, unlucky (upside down horseshoes typically represent poor luck, so less crits on enemy, more crits on self, ect.) doom.

    Then we got: Charge, double-turn, blessed, regen, morale, defend, lucky, loved, brave.

    Elements are same: Fire, lightning, ice, earth, wind, water, poison, bomb (love the pink, helps differentiate too), holy, dark.

    Then standard buff/debuff stats: hp, attack, defense, magic attack, magic defense, accuracy, evasion. And finally auto-revive.

    A few things I’d like to ask about your buffing of stats change. Will debuffs be able to stack more than one at a time? (cast flare then cast screamer, will they have negative accuracy, M. defense, or both?) Also, will there be new skills to cancel out debuffs if there is more than one allowed? Currently, there is three ways to remove debuffs: wait them out, use a stat buff to cancel it out, or one single ‘cleanse’ spell. I don’t want to try to remove a debuff with a buff on the off chance that it exceeds the debuff and adds like 5 to the stat, in case that would override the current 75 buff in a different stat. Hopefully you’ll code it at the very least to give highest priority to the highest stat.

    Still feel this big of a change will need some serious balance testing. And a lot of relearning the game.Currently thinking I’ll just buff evasion through the roof and hope they can’t hit me with heavy attacks. Especially latter bosses who’ll have both strong melee and magical attacks. Not being able to raise both your defenses against such foes will be a real challenge.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Buffs don’t stack in the sense that a skill won’t give you more buff than one use of the skill can achieve. Also there will be a new item for curing debuffs.

      1. SomaSam

        Oh ok, that makes sense.

        So where the “evade” spell will only give you 35 evade bonus no matter what it was before you cast it. That means you can’t cast it twice to get a 65 evade on turn 2.

        But we can still have multiple different stat bonus at once. Alright. Just means leveling up the buff spells will be all the more valuable for epic difficulty.

    2. Phil

      He did say he was gonna have statuses that trade off physical attacks for more magic damage and vice versa. Maybe the orange/green arrows?
      Also, I’m thinking that curse/tired/weaken will be back. Maybe. If so, that could be the broken bone/pentagram/wheel(not sure tho) for weaken/curse/tired respectively.

    3. Spirare

      “Haste/Roadkill” looks like it’s most likely Surrender to me.

      “New status effect: Surrender. Foes get this when they see they have no chance, and then flee on their next turn.” (from Twitter)

      1. Spirare

        Also from twitter: This image. https://i.gyazo.com/a6ae2de47106d4acd19aa2b1427db043.png

        What you labeled as “buffed” is described as “makes targets lighter” (look at the status box). Presumably this will have some kind of effect for ground enemies (increased speed/dodge?), while the reverse will have some “heavier” effect on flying enemies (forces them to land, reducing speed/dodge)?

        1. SomaSam

          Ahh, good catch. Remember seeing that post but completely forgot about it during the writing of this.

          Lighter and heavier will probably work like Pokemon. Either some moves do more damage based on the weight of enemies. Or lighter units will be weaker to wind but resistant to ground and visa versa. As far as I am aware, there are no plans for ‘knock back’ or other such mechanics for that to matter. Or your idea where heavy are slower/ have to land, and lighter increases speed.
          Of course, this still doesn’t fully explain the two arrows of light and heavy together.

          And good point by Phil: the broken bone and the pentagram could easily be weakened/tired/cursed debuffs returning. Not seeing the wheel being a surrender symbol though. If anything, I’d see the surrender as simply a health threshold enemies have to be at for you to be able to spare them. The spare icon itself being in the ‘tactics’ menu below the standard attack.

          1. Ariel Neidorf

            “they have no chance”
            Define that. Do you mean, for instance, just a health threshold, or over-levelling etc.?

    4. sfc0

      I’ve got a few guesses for the less obvious ones.

      Smoke screen: Enemies are less likely to target you. It would make sense since it would be the opposite of the Target status to the right.
      Wheel: Like Jaum15318 said, probably a pun on Tired. I can totally imagine MattR making that joke (and I love it). Also I think it makes it easier to distinguish from some of the similar effects, in comparison to EBF4.
      Golden slime: Resistance to getting slimed. That’s my best guess.

  18. Felir

    One thing that i don’t like is the new icon for explosion resistance. Other icons are wonderful. Nice work!


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