EBF3: final new features list!

Hey guys, I thought I’d make a detailed list of the changes in the Steam version of EBF3.
Se here it goes:

New Options:
• There’s a new options menu which includes sound, game speed, fullscreen, and window size/resolution.
• The new resolutions are a bit higher than the original one, but they’re not quite HD.
• Game speed let’s you play at double speed if your computer is fast enough – useful for backtracking or grinding.
• There’s also a “Frameskip” setting for slow computers – this will always run the game at normal speed, and skip a lot of frames if it has to.

New Features:
• There’s Steam achievements!
• The Steam overlay works! (You can easily take funny screenshots with F12)
• There’s a foe wave counter in battle now!
• Scanned foes’ information can now be viewed at any time during your turn – like in EBF4.
• Minigame achievements are noticeably easier.
• Text pops up when a status effect is inflicted – like in EBF4.
• The party heals faster when walking around later in the game.
• There’s more useful tips scattered around the menus and tutorial.
• Jpgs and music are uncompressed now, and the battle backgrounds have a higher resolution – so some things should look a bit better.
• There’s more fanart in the gallery now.
• There’s no ads or links during gameplay.
• Tiny interface improvements here and there.
• Lance’s general defence buffed by 10% – he died too much and I don’t think this was intentional.

New Content:
• None.

Misc stuff:
• Steam doesn’t even need to be running to play the game – it’s completely offline and standalone. (But you’ll have to turn Steam on later to upload your achievements.)
• The links and credits on the main menu and ending and have been updated – EBF3 is just a big ad for EBF4!
• The old graphics quality option is gone, because Adobe are stupid – I’ll add this back later if they make it possible.
• The game is Windows only for now – but I’m considering Mac support (and for my other games too). I’ll just need to get a Mac first, and I really don’t want one.

13 thoughts on “EBF3: final new features list!

  1. Arime-chan

    Isn’t that scanned foe’s information can always be viewed during battle in EBF 3? I remember that I used to enter a battle to scan a foe, and retreat and enter the battle again to recover Lance’s turn. And scanned foe always wear a “?” mark which I can point at to see his stat.

    1. Arime-chan

      Oh I’m sorry, I have just checked again and notice that the scanned stat can only be viewed when I am about to issue an attack/skill.

  2. Activegamer25

    Matt pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeee make a mac port ive played your games to death and want the steam version so bad :scared: 😥

  3. Tsuchikure

    Awh sweet! the minor improvements that EBF4 had over EBF3 (text when debuff, being able to inspect enemies at any time) have now made the two games equally amazing IMO.
    I cannot waittt.. :stars:

    1. Kay

      I found a bug…
      isn’t exatly a bug..
      but if you enter the battle in the medal zones, you can skip the fights by fleeing and going to the side that the guarded chests are ❗ :shades:
      only tinked that you needed to know…
      by your biggest fan…

      1. WhiteDrag0n

        Actually, in some of these zones, you can even not fight foes in the first time (for example, in the desert zone you can walk around two out of three encounters). I don’t think it’s really a bug though, since they dont matter that much, and if you fled the first time, you can come back later (you will propably need this exp anyway). If they were important, they would be blocked like godcat in EBF4.


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