EBF5: Dogs

Hey guys, here’s some dogs!
They’re a little bit cuter than before. I’m noticing some of my old animations were very lazy – a lot of the foes didn’t even blink before!

Current EBF5 foe count: 35

17 thoughts on “EBF5: Dogs

  1. caique

    the lightning dog is soooo beatifull :love: :love2: :love: :love2: :love: :love2: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  2. Spritzy

    All of the dogs are so cute! One things, if you use Attacks 3 or 2, then Magic 3 with the Thunder Dog, it will stay in place. (Meaning it stays in front of the slimes until you change it to another foe)

    1. Spritzy

      Actually, this goes for most attacks/animations. It doesn’t just stay there if you use Magic 3.

  3. Mazzymon

    The lightning dogs look awesome. I do like how you have neutral, fire, ice, lightning and healer dogs, instead of EBF4’s neutral, fire and healer dogs. Makes it a bit more balanced. (Plus now every region will have cute dog enemies! :yay: )

    1. Spirare

      Well, actually EBF4 had ice too. (dogs in the crystal cavern are slightly ice based I think)

  4. Spirare

    Friend dogs can attack now.

    I will never forgive you. 😡

    Nor will I forgive them. I shall murder every one mercilessly now.

    Mage dogs look annoying as always…

  5. Neku21

    Ahhhhh x3
    These are amazing 😀 really cute as well :3
    I love all the special moves x3 and electric dog’s attack 3, the heal for all the dogs x3
    I really love the mage magic 2 with the wings 😀 but like the only thing I have to critique is that the other 2 magics don’t have as dog-like movements, which make them seem out of place. The special 5 works really well cuz its dog like as well. Umm… other movements that you could do…. maybe like a spin and a jump or… like a sit-crouch then a paw up… seeing a straight leg on the dog is a little weird for magic 4… and for magic 1 maybe have the dog bat his paw in the air twice or something… might look a bit more natural… idk, food for thought, looks really awesome 😀

  6. james336340

    I have to say i really like the mage dogs this time around. i just love the way the do magic.

  7. pionoplayer

    OOOH Cute little murder dogs!
    But man, these look sweet, I can see what you mean by the earlier animations being lazy if you can whip stuff of this quality this fast.
    Seriously, this is amazing.

    I love the healer dog’s little wave their paws in the air thing. Is there going to be a charmed status effect this time around?

  8. william sparrow

    pretty good amazing animations too so they will probably down pretty well so wow :stars:


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