Monthly Archives: December 2015

EBF5: Style Test

The first preview of Epic Battle Fantasy 5 content!
This is just to test out the new art style, which is very similar to the old art style.

I’m just gonna leave this here without much comment, and you guys can speculate about the new features that are showed off here.¬†Though I should point out that there’s no interactivity, besides the quality button and some easter eggs.

Merry Early Christmas! is now wider!

Hey guys, I made the website wider, and I’ve probably broken a lot of pages as a result, so let me know if anything looks incredibly wonky. You might have to hit F5 to do a hard refresh to see the change. I did this in preparation for EBF5 previews, which are going to be quite wide. The first teaser will be coming out near Christmas!

By the way, Bullet Heaven 2 could use some more reviews on Steam. If you’ve played the game on there, let others know what you think. It helps me out a lot, thanks.