10 thoughts on “Sketches: Ghosts

  1. InItForTheLongHaul

    I like the “totally a real enemy”, it’s definitely not a balloon with a sheet over it. Very threatening. I felt threatened just looking at the concept art.

  2. HotchAr

    I second the comment about can”t be bothered as an NPC. (maybe he’s the combat tutorial?) :stars:
    Rock spider is cool, but does remind me of the pokemon roggenrolla family (not a bad thing)
    totally a real enemy could be a running gag where there are like four useless versions but then a final version turns out to be a bonus boss. :sick:
    the fishy ones are kinda creepy looking, but not quite beholder levels of gawkey creepy, which I suppose is good if we’re killing them by the score.
    speaking of which, the first one is almost too cute to kill. that’s becoming a theme with you…have you considered a monster taming/capture/summoner/channeler aspect? I guess that’s what summons are for, though… :bleh:

  3. Billy The Honourable

    I think cant be bothered should be the spookies NPC in a mansion themed area, the first one as a generic ghost foe, the totally real foe as a rare occourence, which underneath spawns more of him every three turns (if killed before any of these throws minor explosives at you) and the spider rock one as a cave enemy!

    But they’re all so awesome and unique! The other two could me in water levels, but I am not really fond of them.


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