BH2: Player Select

The player select screen is almost done, hurray!
I’m really looking forward to testing the game with 4 people playing.

I might have to make a seperate player select screen for a single player though, because I think most people will never play with friends, especially on the web version. Oh well. At least I suspect that more Steam users will be into multiplayer.

Anyway, here’s how multiplayer works:
Everyone’s attack power is lowered, but the total is still higher than on single player. Everyone has one life, but they respawn after a few seconds as long as someone is still alive. Bombs are shared. Enemies will always target the nearest player to them, making cooperation vital if you don’t want bullets scattered in the wrong places.

Overall the game should be a little bit easier with more players, and will play quite differently.

9 thoughts on “BH2: Player Select

  1. randomfan

    Looking forwards to when the game comes out- i’m already almost done with everything there is to do with BH1, except a few S ranks on zones 3 and four, and the final bonus boss with 3 health and no cheats. I mean, i have other bullet hell games i play, but BH is the only quick bullet hell game i know about that i play- the others are all full course, half hour+ missions to save the world- or beat up whoever’s being a nuisance today. if i have 15 minutes between classes, i can’t play them unless i’m really incompetent and lose that fast.

  2. omegaox

    I’m starting to be more sure of the blue-haired character being HFX, but maybe it’s just my imagination…

  3. wubbles417

    This may be my NEW favourite game! Currently going back to 100% the first one. That pesky three-heart achievement! :ooo:

  4. A fan.

    This is really awesome! The way multiplayer will work is really cool, and i’m looking foward to this game! Great job Matt!


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