BH2: Unlockables

Made some icons! There’s no permanent upgrades this time, but you can unlock cheats, handicaps, weapons and costumes instead, using coins you collect in-game. Getting high ranks and achievements will reward you with extra coins and speed things up.

Hopefully this adds a lot of replay value! 😀

11 thoughts on “BH2: Unlockables

  1. Arcterran

    Not gonna lie, on first look I thought they’d be in-game items (DODGE THE BULLET NERFS!).

    Still I like the idea!

  2. Ben

    Out of curiosity, have you actually beaten EBF4 on epic difficulty Matt? (this comment is not meant to be offensive. I apologize if you are offended)

    1. A Wikia Editor

      I think he once said that he didn’t, and most of the time he was using debug mode and “cheats” to check if everything works properly, instead of actually completing the game.
      I don’t think it is offensive, I doubt many developers actually play their games on hardest difficulty or try to 100% them. Guess many of them simply do not have time for that. 🙂


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