BH2: All Backgrounds

Hay guys, I finished all of the backgrounds and stuck them into this little test-harness.
You can check them all out and play with the brightness and speed settings.

They’re still being displayed using Flash’s vector engine here, so they may look a bit jittery. In the game they will be super smooth. Also my site isn’t wide enough, so it’s showing a bit more than it should at the top and the bottom. ):

17 thoughts on “BH2: All Backgrounds

  1. bariangirl13

    Wow, nice backgrounds ^^
    I especially love the one based off of the Praetorian MKII and Akron’s attack and the starry one.
    Nice work, keep at it!

    Ps. Will BH2 be released soon?


  2. big fan ☺♥☺♥

    omg i LOVE the backgrounds so much, im soo excited to play bullet heaven now. can’t wait to play this game :yay: :yay: :yay: :hurray: :stars: :stars: :stars: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  3. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    That background with the eyes and teeth reminds me a little TOO strongly of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Epic. Nightmarish, but very epic.

  4. RealShadowCaster

    Overall very good looking.

    L1: the wheelbarrow really makes it obvious we are cycling over an image (but bullets migh make us miss that in the real game)
    L2 :OK
    L3 : Good
    L4 : bright purple and green clash, feels like fantasy zone. OK or not depending on ennemies style.
    L5 : OK
    L6 : same problem as L1, a random placement of palm trees and castles would make it feel like we’re advancing. As it is, it feels like a two screens long rubber belt.
    L7 : OK
    L8 : OK
    L9 : OK
    L10 : OK except at high speed.
    L11 : great 1st impression, but slowly makes me sea sick because visual cues contradict. You get simultaneous impression to be very near the ground AND very far from it.
    L12 : great as static image, but same problem as L1
    L13 : good and way less disturbing than L11.
    L14 : surprisingly good : the two different stone barriers makes it that we don’t notice the dissapearing one is the same as the new one. Does not work well at high speed.
    L15 : OK
    L16 : OK
    L17 : OK, but at higer speeds, the 3 stones become too obvious. some random order and placement would help.
    L18 : OK
    L19 : good snow on volcanic ground feel.
    L20 : good unmeltable magic ice crystal thingie feel. (How many more ???? )
    L21 : OK but depth effect due to static shadows on plam leafs and trunk clash with depth effect due to parallax scrolling.
    No big deal for background on a bullet game though.
    L22 : OK at slow speed. At higher speed, leafs on floor blur wonderfully, giving a great impression of speed, especially when I put my hand in the middle of the screen to hide the tree trunks that are too bright compared to the rest.
    L23 : good at every speed, my favorite so far.
    L24 : OK

    my kids want to play EBF4, gotta leave the PC to them.

  5. kkots

    Whoah, I’m feeling dizzy. :cat smile with eyes pointing to different sides and x mouth:
    1. The backgrounds are really colorful on max brightness, and given that some backgrounds contain pink color, they are very, very likely to distract the player from the game (for example the bullets might be pink color as well, and then it’s hard to distinguish them). The backgrounds which contain tall structures might give an impression that the player has to dodge them. Therefore making the background 40-50% grayscale and 40-60% black is what I recommend, even though it’s my personal opinion and I’m just a regular moron. 😥
    2. The water backgrounds look really plain in comparison to desert and snowy backgrounds, where you added slight shading to simulate uneven terrain. You could add exactly the same shading to large spaces of water to simulate slight waves. Currently the only detail in the water is a more brightly colored ^ shaped highlight, excluding waves around rocks and beaches.
    3. The obstacles on the left and the right sides of the screen are a really great idea.
    4. ON THE LEVEL WITH LAVA! The lava is supposed to shake a bit! It looked really awesome in vector rendering, as if the lava is animated. Damn, I’d hate to miss that effect due to conversion to raster. (I hope you understand what I wanted to say)
    5. On the second level with water I believe I could see thin white horizontal lines often blinking across somewhere near the middle of the screen. But you’re likely to discover this yourself at some point. And inevitably fix it >:)
    6. On the rainbow background I think it… would be a great idea to.. make small rainbows come out of.. the characters’ backs.. umm… :ooo:

    Overall they all look awesome!

      1. Noobinator

        Pretty sure that was what he was going for :smirk:

        Lance with rainbows coming out of his mechanical-wing-thingy… IT´S GLORIOUS!! :stars:

  6. Noobinator

    *spams the Speed+ button* oh crap, will you be able to cheat the game to go THAT fast?!?

    Also really like the factory levels, they look fancy :yay:

  7. Arcterran

    Loving how it’s looking! A bit slow in loading radically different backgrounds but that’s probably cause it’s loading different assets, dunno if that would be any help but eh still looks nice and it’s nothing terrible (about two seconds tops).

  8. Ralo

    Now this is masterpiece that I expected sooner judging release of this. I am just blown away. Akron one and bones I find badass. :shades:

  9. komodor

    really beautiful piece of art that must have taken some time they all look like the art from epic battle fantasy series especialy 4 and ats simply wondrous just maybe the one you took from pretorian is really creepy and scares the sh.. out of me. anyway good job keep it up and i hope i can play it on my not so good computer. :yay:

  10. someguy

    I specially liked the bone field and the one based in Akron’s attack, they both look like they would be perfect for the spider boss, and the sky and space themed ones are really great too, but those in wich you use sprites from buildings just feel a little too full.

    1. A Wikia Editor

      Oh, THIS Akron’s attack, damn Screamer OP. :ooo:
      I personally very like those which use buildings as background, they add some nice feel to the game, and they break the monotony of flying through “natural” uninhabited areas.

      1. A Wikia Editor

        Uh, sorry for double post but forgot to mention.
        MATT, fix the loading screen ❗ The Heaven’s Gate is mirrored which makes the Greek letters (which spell “Heaven”) appear incorrectly, as they are all backwards ❗


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