Cat Cafe Progress

I’ve implemented the basic mechanics in Cat Cafe.
It’s basically like whack-a-mole and a matching game at the same time. Cats pop up and you drag the correct drink over to them.

Now I just need to work on the scoring system, frenzy mode, menus, upgrades and achievements, and hopefully I’ll have a fun game when that’s all done.

Development’s going swiftly so far, but I haven’t had anyone test it yet, and I’ve only tested it on one type of phone, so there’s obviously going to be a lot of extra work when it gets to that point. But so far so good!




2 thoughts on “Cat Cafe Progress

  1. Venks Dunson

    So a combination of whack a mole and a matching game eh?
    Doesn’t sound too bad. I was pretty reluctant to try out Diner Dash when I was younger because of how girly the game looked, but it was actually pretty fun. Or will this have more of a Root Beer Tapper feel?

    Either way I’m sure you’ll churn out something nice. I’ve enjoyed all your games and mini-games up to this point.


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