15 thoughts on “Steam Summer Sale

  1. l3h3l

    Well, since I own it, I won’t buy it again, but I’m sure make a good review about it. I could mention one in my videos( promote it) to buy one, or recommend even, because you deserve it.

  2. L

    I have a mac so this sadly won’t work for me via steam. I did recently start playing again on Kong and had forgotten I bought the expansion a long while back – absolutely love this game!

  3. AidanLink

    I have a question; Will BH2’s final boss be somewhat like the final boss of EBF5? Cuz if I remember correctly BH1’s final boss was (Spoilers) ➡ Godcat and Deathcat. (Or whatever the name is) Sooo will it be like that? ❓ ❗

    1. TheOne2246

      If the final boss of BH2 is EBF5’s final boss that means the dead cat is going to be a playable character :stars: (just going off past events lol)

  4. Cheetos

    I hope you can make Bullet Heaven Two in time for the steam summer sales! Bullet hell games a few are far between on steam, so I hope it does well. :yay:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      There’s tons of them, but a lot them aren’t very good. 😛
      Check out Crimzon Clover if you haven’t already.

  5. AidanLink

    Wow its basically 3 dollars now! Thats amazing! :ooo: Also now i’m still wondering about the Regice and Regirock thing in BH2. :scared:

  6. Billy The Honourable

    Dear God!!!

    I knew it would be off, BUT 70% OFF? Not even huge hit; GTA V is that much cheap! Clear;y VALVe thinks your game is a good seller…

    …And it would be right in thinking so, Matt!


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