Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Fight your way through waves of enemies, and save the world from fascism – turn-based RPG style! This is a direct continuation of the first game, now with levelling up, upgrades, and other mechanics added.

This game is played with the mouse, and takes 1 or 2 hours to beat.There are only two save points.

Soon an updated version of this game will be released on Steam as part of the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection!

37 thoughts on “Epic Battle Fantasy 2

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know what specifically contributed to it, but I’m fighting the Sand Worm hea and tail, Natz heals Matt and instead of going up, his health went down, including the number being negative. Definitely a bug.

  2. kn

    cant download(like a thief) this part , it is blocked at Armor games, says that will be available later – many years

  3. Admiral Thrawn

    Easy game, even on Epic Difficulty!

    Strategy on Epic Difficulty: (Defense wins championships) :smirk:
    Matt’s skill bonus: Defender (Required, just defend a lot of times in one of the phases to unlock this, although it is much easier with cats at the beginning)
    Counter (Required, just attack a bunch of times with Blood Blade and this gets unlocked in second or third phase)
    Cat Tamer (Required, call NoLegs a bunch of time in a phase. The cat is a difference-maker in tough boss battles. Trust me!)
    Swordsman (Required, otherwise Blood Blade will not heal as much. To get this, it is similar to counter)
    Suggested to have a few of these: (order of importance) Counter x2, Cat Warrior, Chemist, Cleaver, Venomous.
    Natz’s skill bonus: Bunny!!! (Required, just call Slime Bunny a lot in a phase. This is incredibly useful as it saves Natz a turn while helping your hp in the game)
    Bunny! (Required, just call Slime Bunny a lot. It is a combo with the above skill bonus. Now, it heals 1/4 of your player’s life every turn, keeping you full)
    Healer (Required, mainly for Healmore when Slime Bunny heals a little bit after a tough hit on both players)
    Astrology (Required, Lucky Stars are underrated and is used in counters, just use a bunch of Lucky stars in a battle phase)
    Astrology x2 (Required, Lucky Stars are underrated as Eagles in the Super Bowl LII. A little tougher to earn compared to above. Spam those Stars.)
    Magic Counter (Required, hard to earn. Just get the other skill bonus out of the way to get this. Usually after Astrology x2)
    Suggested to have a few of these: (order of importance) Angel, Wizardry, Immunity, Elusive, Immunity x2, Healer x2, Cleric.

    So, what could be the worst case scenario that occurs in EBF2 besides dying: Facing Lance, a nuke, and the Valkyrie Tank on Epic Mode.
    That’s exactly what happened to me…
    Matt: (Defend) because he can counter with the Blood Blade and basically heal any wounds. He will carry the team as his HP rarely dips below 6k at the end of his turn.
    Natz: (Revive) because she was pretty close to dying anyway [It really doesn’t matter what she was going to do, she was going to likely die anyway. Maybe Barrier would have helped better, or Judgement on the Tank for some damage, or Syphon Lance but Matt was going to heal any damage anyway.]

    Lance: (Calls Ion Cannon) Of course, why not? Just to add salt in the wound. Graphic image shows an Ion satellite charging and releasing energy. Deals 2k damage to Matt and 8k damage to Natz (with Barrier on.) Natz dies but revives. Lance and his team takes 20k damage. Ouch for them. (You learn to love Lance’s Ion cannon for helping you deal damage to the tank while barely hurting Matt.)
    Nuke: (Detonate) BOOM! Graphic image shows a horrible explosion. Deals 3.5k damage to Matt and 13k damage to Natz (with Barrier on). Natz dies.
    Valkyrie Tank: (Shoots) It’s the tank’s only attack. At this point, it’s really an excuse for Matt to get a free 7k heal, even if the tank has its attack and defence boosted. Matt takes about 100 damage total but counters with Blood Blade and heals back to full health.

    Matt: (Water of Life on Natz)
    Natz: (Charm Limit Break) And, everything is back to where I picked off. Tank has no more turrets.

    Matt will primarily serve as the healer for himself and damage output for the team. He can basically survive anything when he defends himself. In fact, even if he just simply defends every turn, even without Natz, he will most likely beat the boss on his own. Of course, if his defenses are adequate enough.

    1. Anonymous

      I can tell you are lying. You had a hard time on epic, you don’t think it is easy. I know because you wrote 6 paragraphs about how it’s easy.

  4. Idelac

    The first time I ever beat this game was on a hacked site. I’ve had my second completion, now without hacks! :yay:

  5. azad

    PLEASE THE SCREEN IS SMALL MAKE IT BIG YOU MOTHER FUCKE 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 :skull: :skull: :skull: :phone2: :phone: πŸ‘Ώ 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 R

  6. azad

    dude the screen is small make it biggir :bleh: :bleh: :bleh: :bleh: πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

  7. Derrill

    Well that was the 13th time beating EBF2 on hard. Man I love this game series and cant wait till EBF4.4 comes out. Keep up the amazing work Matt. I hope EBF5 comes soon if your planing to make it and would totally spend $60 for it. :yay:

  8. acy120

    The Sandworm is one of the strongest Bosses in The EBF series. I Got my first Game Over From him at Y8. Bring a heckcuva lot of items and save them for this guy and the Giga Golem so you all can defeat these 2 plus the Zombie Hydra and Lance for your payback and Victory. Please? :stars: πŸ˜₯ :love2: :wut:

    1. aneesh srinivas

      well what was the toughest boss in the series for you.i personally thought it was the hydra(ebf 3)

  9. pigpoper

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  10. sasuke2121

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        1. enrique

          Alguien que habla espaΓ±ol y que le gustan estos juegos, pensaba que era el ΓΊnico :love:


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